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Where the Money Comes From – PDF & Audio Files


Manifest your Soul Purpose, Mandate, Goals and dreams with the integrated use of the Universal Laws of Creation! Combining teachings, guided healing to remove obstacles of emotions, false beliefs and challenges PLUS the proper use of the Universal Laws gives you an outstanding formula for success!

22 Page PDF download plus 4 guided meditations including healing for you – Connect with “Where the Money Comes From” today!



Still missing your target? Struggling and not sure why? Learn the application of the Universal Laws that must accompany the Law of Attraction.  Access  “Where the Money Comes From!”

Steps to consciously create your Soul Purpose, Goals and Mandate of Life !

presented by Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles – World Healing Academy

This introduction to the Universal Laws of Life will guide you into alignment and start to lift the veils of illusion so that money, abundance, joy and purposeful living are yours to have and to permanently integrate into your life. 22 Page PDF download with audio exercises of live channelled energy healing, guided meditations and strengthening alignments to Source. 

There are ground breaking Universal Laws applied and imbedded within the construct of these teachings!  

Incorporate the Universal Laws that cover more than just Attraction but “Cause and Effect, Governance, Love, Light, Karma, Manifestation, Restrictions, Cycles, Durations, Variances, Mind and more.” 

Opening Alignment to Source – 21 mins

Expanding your Goals and Dreams – 17 mins

Removal of Energy Clouds – 15 mins

Harnessing the Universal Laws for Access to “Where the Money Comes From” – 15 mins

PLUS 22 Page PDF download.  mP3’s are audio exercises of live channelled energy healing, guided meditations and strengthening alignments to Source. 

$39.95 – inclusive

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It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank world renowned speaker and motivational coach; author and life changer, Bob Proctor for inspiring me with his talks and teachings to create the subject matter at hand. He harnessed the name of this book from within himself and transferred it to me with his Blessings. I thank you for your guidance and instructions of positive corrections!

To Peggy McColl…international Best Selling Author and On-Line Marketing Expert who opened her heart and home to teach me about how to become successful in writing and who radiates such confidence and knowledge in the field herself! Her instructions and guidance is something that I suggest everyone to seek out!

Behind all this…I must now express profound and humble gratitude for the Universal Teachings of Life to my own beloved Mentor and Teacher who walks with me. Mind to Mind…Heart to Heart.

Kathy Roseborough
Educator of Esoteric Principles