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Spring Clearing & Creating Your Sacred Space

Sacred Healing – for your home

April 2019 

As the cycles of the seasons shift…we delegate “spring” to be a time of rebirth. But how do we re-set our lives in this physical world to begin receive that which we need to thrive and be prosperous & healthy? How can we receive alignment to the good Energy that supports the progress of our life direction?

Spring is a time of the Cosmic or Universal “spark” of awakening. Your foundation needs an “initiation”.  An initiation is when a much more subtle and powerful Divine Intelligence envelopes the lesser one and PICKS IT UP into greater spiritual consciousness!  However…the receiver must be prepared to receive and be lifted…thus the clearing first!

Clearing and Alignment including Initiation:

For your Home/Property, Apartment, Business – Schedule your  reset healing and initiation.  The Energy healing sweeps out the stagnant and old, your sacred space will be receiving sacred symbols of healing.  The Sacred Ho SHIN Reiki Energy healing is applied in this practice.  

Book your session with payment and receive confirmation of your date/time.  Include in your email to me your personal intentions and goals, members of the household you wish to be included in the Blessings.

Cost:  $185  via VISA/MC – PayPal or etransfer to

Sacred GRID alignments with EARTH – Your home is a SACRED SPACE