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Spring Equinox – “Starting Fresh!”

Audio files of Meditation and Healing!

The Spring Equinox time is a cyclic change where not only do the seasons change; but you change too! The major Energy shift expected this March 20th, 2019 as Aries leads us into a new year and fresh new start includes:

  • Stronger Foundation and greater confidence of direction
  • Head to toe alignment with a growing awareness of your Energy
  • Improved “chi” or Kidney/Adrenal energy plus a CORE that feels good!
  • Inner Eye development and improved listening to intuition
  • Increased flow of Energy for Healing Self, Others and CREATING!

Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles and Intuitive will be recording Guided Meditations for Healing, sharing of further teachings, Messages from the Inner Temple plus your Spring “Attunement and Initiation” for Equinox! Special time!

Date: Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 – live channelled recording available for your download

This is a long distance participation only with audio files.

Cost: $40 to be prepaid via interac or PayPal.

Add $20 per person for others long distance to be included in the Healing. They can receive the mP3 audio file if they wish to as well. I will be calling their name silently into the Inner Temple for Healing and advancement.

Interac Payments to:

Payment Options

Contact info: 647 281 8771 Cell for text or calling