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5 Day – BASIC Training – Foundation for a Spiritual Life

5 Day Course – Where to start is right here at the BASICS of Self Enlightenment      



  You will learn so many important foundational practices!  Learn and enjoy practicing them daily.

  •  Proper Breathing for Connection to Universal Light/Soul Oneness
  • Aura development – build it up! Be radiant inside and out!
  • Refreshing/Energizing your home – Establish Energy protection & boost health
  • Healthy Spine Energy – improve vitality and strength immune/endocrine system
  • Heart Healing & Forgiveness – Letting go and letting in LOVE
  • Creating alignment to Soul Purpose – Your skills, gifts & presentation in the world!
  • Sleeping in Alignment for Good dreams and health – no more waking up tired!
  • Opening to Abundance – Health, success and better stream of finance too!
  • Emotional balance – tools to inner peace, solar plexus nerves settled; calm
  • Grounding!  As above; so below.  Energy Meridian work through body.

This is a beautiful course that is well received.  These steps are so easy to learn.

We can change the world!  We can alleviate uncertainty and replace it with the confidence to live in a world of Beauty and hope!  Each person needs to return to their True Self and have Mastership of Self so that internal strength, confidence, love, good health and success emerges.  Liberally you find a greater love of mankind, forgiveness, Light and joy!

The World Healing Academy is training people to help themselves AND for those interested, to train to help others too!


  1.  5 Days of Guided meditations, teaching and energy healing through guidance for YOU!
  2. A Manual on all topics taught throughout the course with detailed description and teaching to understand these self development practices you are learning.
  3. Audio taping of the entire 5 day course on mP3 including the guided meditations.
  4. Certificate of Completion with the World Healing Academy

Days of Training Offered:  

“Foundational” FRIDAYS – Summer and Autumn Dates to be Announced

Time: 9:30 am. to 4 pm.

Location: 405 Limerick Street, Churchill (Innisfil), Ontario L0L 1K0

LONG DISTANCE TRAINING? can do the program long distance through Skype with Kathy Roseborough and online course audio/written download. Contact Kathy for details at 647 281 8771 or

Need Teachers in Spanish!  Where are you living?  USA, Canada, UK, India? Australia?  Long distance available! – Teacher Training – Certified Instructor for World Healing Academy – If you are interested in teaching this Course through the World Healing Academy  then contact Kathy Roseborough.

Cost:  $1195 – includes Manual – Certificate of Completion – Personal Development and Meditation 

(payment options) – payment via PayPal (VISA/MC or interac transfer)

 Make a deposit to register for Course – $395 CAD

Select Payment

Instructor:  Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles, Teacher & Intuitive Healer

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