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2019/2020 – TEE Scan Certified Energy Healing for YOU & Apprentice Training Program

“This is the Energy Medicine of the new paradigm – leading the way into the future”

by Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles  

Your foundation is set with this introduction to Healing so that whether you are choosing to study for yourself personally or as a Professional TEE Scan Health Practitioner, you understand the importance of a systematic approach to Energy Healing.

TEE (Template of Etheric Energy) Scan Energy Healing

Healing is only temporary if one does not reach the origin of the illness, disease or disharmony in their energy bodies and examine the lesson & GIFT held therein!  People wonder why their core issues never seem to “go away” or why illness comes back.  This is laid out for you in the Introduction to the Principles of Healing.

  • Teaching, Examples, Guided Meditation and Schematic of “how Energy healing really works” is taught to you by Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles
  • Become self aware and confident with the application of solid Laws and Principles guiding you in healing yourself and others.

If you are interested in the healing studies you can further discuss your vision of this with me and set up your mentoring/apprenticeship training.  For an introduction to this system and to see if you are keen to explore this….start with a 2 hour session with Kathy.

STEP ONE:  Sign up for your Personal Introduction to the Principles and Universal Laws of Energy Healing

2 Hour Tutoring and Personal Session with Kathy Roseborough on just what your needs are – Understand that there is a “schematic” to the body and it’s health.  Entry teaching about this schematic and Path of Return to correction and harmonization with the original codes of Life.  Kathy will open up the teachings to the underlying Principles of how to heal yourself, experience healing and integrate it.

Cost:  $300 via etransfer or PayPal /credit card – see bottom of page please

email or text/call: or 647 281 8771

A comprehensive and advanced system of Intuitive scanning and Dialogue Healing™

“The truth is…I can “talk..mind-to-cells” with your endocrine glands, organs, circulatory system, heart, lymphatics and more. Why? to find out the emotional underlying issues of your health challenges and to seek out the false beliefs that you hold that are blocking the process of healing.  Many times we are given good medicine from our doctors and alternative care practitioners but you don’t heal.  Why? because the subtle energy bodies are holding old emotions, traumas, pains and memories that alter the body’s inherent health state.  This is a comprehensive Energy healing process to support your current physical protocol and to help embrace and hold better health!”  I can teach you how!  ……. Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Facilitator


6 MONTH Program:  Introduces this ENERGY healing system for YOU.  This sets the foundation for healing others as well in LEVEL TWO:

  •  Energy Anatomy and Chakras – Know Thyself
  •  How to SCAN your own Aura and PREPARE a report.  Self-Assessment and identification of challenges in your body systems.  Endocrine, lymphatics, blood, digestive, reproductive, and more.  Your body will “talk” to you and you will learn how to intuitively receive information.
  •  Initial practice of Energy Healing using the Principles of Healing – for yourself 
  •  Dialogue Healing      –  This is important that you learn to talk to your body and can later learn in Level Two how to apply to others.

You will be introduced to Dialogue Healing.  Please note that Dialogue Healing with Glands, Organs and Systems of the Body is unique to Kathy Roseborough’s Esoteric Training and Teaching.

You will be guided through, with meditation, Energy Initiations for your Personal Spiritual Ascension and accessibility to the Higher Dimensions of MIND and Training. Very detailed and visual guidance given and direct healing takes place for you from the Inner subtle flow of Universal Light and Energy.

The emphasis of this LEVEL ONE course is on your OWN healing of the subtle bodies and physical body.  Get to the core and integrate the lessons and gifts involved.  After you feel centred and knowledgeable in this practice for yourself you can go on to LEVEL TWO – BASIC and learn the system for others if you wish.

Location:    405 Limerick Street, Innisfil, Ontario Canada – or CATA (Richmond Hill, Ontario) or you can take this training with Kathy Roseborough with Skype/Facetime/Zoom

Duration:  2 PRIVATE sessions per month is recommended – each session is 2 hours in length – in addition there is homework, audio mP3 meditations and development of questions.

Cost:  6 sessions of 2 hours each are booked at a time – $1800.  Payment plan available

Please note number of sessions is based on your progress and time invested in yourself) 12 sessions are recommended for thorough understanding and integration of the Teachings/Healing.   This is a 6 month program.

For Those Wishing to Move on to Energy Healer Training:


Training for Level TWO – For  your Practitioner Certificate – Basic (3 months) to Advanced Level One (6 months) based on your Study and Practice

  •  Further in-depth training on the SCANNING, Chakras and Energy Body systems for both yourself and others
  •  Further Dialogue Healing with Glands, Organs and Functional Systems of Health of the Body – for yourself and others
  •  Energy Healing using the Principles of Healing – the Proper Systematic Approach to Permanent Healing – make it count !
  •  Several Energy Initiations and Guided Meditations for your own Personal Spiritual Ascension AND as an Energy Healer and to gain greater Access to Higher MIND.
  • Additional information for your REPORT – TEE Scan – SCRIBE this for yourself and others
  • Table work with a volunteer and opportunity for practice…as well as the important healing for yourself! A volunteer will be arranged.

When your LEVEL ONE and LEVEL TWO Training and 10 case studies (for BASIC) are complete you will have the qualifications and skills to perform a TEE Scan – Intuitive Energy Healing Scan of the AURA and the Energy Healing hands-on plus you will be able to create a full TEE Scan report.  This report is a valuable tool for your client to be shared with their Naturopath, Nutritionist, Osteopath, RMT, and other Holistic Professionals.  It is an insightful SCAN and HEALING that is the way of the future!  As your progress your “milestones” reached…..Your certificates will convey levels attained with the 1st one being:  World Healing Academy – BASIC:

Location:    405 Limerick Street, Innisfil, Ontario Canada – or CATA (Richmond Hill, Ontario) or you can take this training with Kathy Roseborough with Skype/Facetime/Zoom

Duration:  2 PRIVATE sessions per month is recommended – each session is 2 hours in length – in addition there is homework, practice and development of questions included.

Cost:  6 sessions of 2 hours each are booked at a time – $1800 –   Review progress/goals achieved after completion.  3 Month Program for BASIC

(can be purchased in 2 or 3 payments)


How to Register for 

Step ONE:   Your 2 Hour Tutoring and Session with Kathy Roseborough

Step TWO:  Register for the LEVEL ONE – 6 MONTH Program – Healing & Personal Training –  We will discuss dates/times for your mentoring/apprenticeship program.

For those choosing to move on to Energy Healer Training: 

Step THREE:  If you wish to become a BASIC Practitioner to enhance your current skills or for your first entry into Energy Healing – Register for the LEVEL TWO Training – We will discuss dates/times for your mentoring/apprenticeship program. 3 MONTH Program

Step FOUR:  Complete your 10 Case Studies if you have decided to become a practitioner

Step FIVE:  Receive your Certificate of Completion of Training

Step SIX:  Smile…you are the greatest !! 🙂

REFRESHER for my past students of Energy Healing:  Please connect with me regarding your updated Energy Healing Certification and personal Spiritual advancement and connections/Initiations.  Advanced Level ONE requires another 3 Months of Private Training.


Since starting my studies with Kathy Roseborough my spiritual awareness has expanded. I have become much more intuitive and I also feel that I have found an inner peace that allows me to be much more responsive rather than reactive to life situations.  Kathy is a very compassionate, patient and gifted teacher.  I am so grateful to be one of Kathy’s students. ”

Christine Clifford


I have been blessed to know Kathy for over 15 years. She has been a gifted mentor for me and for my family and has taught me much that I now call on in my work as a physician and teacher.

When it comes to esoteric studies, Kathy is as much a master teacher as she is a kind and patient guide. Her self-discipline, curiosity, clear heart, self-compassion and truth seeking keep her grounded in first principles, making her a great model for her students. Kathy lives by what she teaches and she takes a no nonsense approach to her work. She is only interested in the extent to which her teaching can lead to personal experience and effect change in the lives of her students. While I have studied the human body and mind from an objective, scientific perspective, studying with Kathy has brought that understanding to life as she has guided me into the perception of subtle energy and its interaction with the material world. What Kathy teaches resonates through all the energetic layers, from the densest conditioned beliefs, emotions and physical sensations to the subtlest levels of awareness.

I am deeply grateful that I can call Kathy my teacher.

Jane Salter MD


I have had the privilege to grow and expand with each course I have participated in with Kathy Roseborough . The changes in personal nature are subtle, as are the presence of angels. Spirit’s touch is soft and  the results are pure light shifts in consciousness. The experiential learning is complimented with earnest dialogue, gifts from the masters and deep introspection. We are so blessed to participate in a vibrant group setting, taking magnificent steps towards ascension.

In gratitude
Renata Gerlings
King City 


“Even after the first few meditation classes and training workshops I could already feel the difference in my personal life and every day business leadership. To really get to clear all the fears and false beliefs it definitely takes time… Seven years after, I now turn back and realize I have been through something that I wouldn’t never have done alone. Through all the program offered, I have been learning how to stay align and how to listen my needs and respect myself. This was quite a challenge in this century of extreme distraction. I deeply want to thank Kathy for all the support she has been giving me over all those years. The programs she teaches have undoubtedly been helping me to become a more solid and powerful man. I have only one recommendation: Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Marc Ethier, CEO, Zükari inc.



I have known Kathy for over 17 years (since 2001) and was a student of the School of Etheric Healing (now known as the World Healing Academy)  for a period of approximately 3 years, graduating as a Registered Etheric Healing Practitioner around the 2005 time frame. I gained much spiritual wisdom and understanding from this course and its modules. It gave me an insight into the many multi dimensional aspects of the etheric body as well as the spiritual evolution of self and one’s relationship to source. I learnt much about how the body, composed of many fields, including the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, truly works and how we are all connected, particularly at the higher levels. Hence, on the personal level, I became more self aware, I received many healings  including an healing to help release a large kidney stone within a few hours of the healing session at the School, a kidney stone which the urologist was adamant required surgical intervention!  The Course was a boost to help me evolve spiritually.

Since graduating, I have from time to time consulted with Kathy who, through her readings, has provided gentle spiritual guidance and wisdom to help me empower myself to make important  decisions along life’s path and to gain an understanding of the bigger picture. Kathy is much more than an intuitive with spiritual gifts. She is a wonderful teacher and a healer at both the personal and planetary level.

Keep up the wonderful work Kathy!  A pleasure and honour to know you!

Blessings and Light,

Alan Jervis

Nice France

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