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Therapy Writing Consultations

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Over the years of my Energy Healing practice, I have found that many of my students and clients like to share their feelings, thoughts, questions, frustrations, wishes and goals with me via “email and text” which in turn, I share insight, healing and support in helping them to understand their experiences and provide clarity and direction.

With the exchange of writing and subsequent replies of Healing, people find that they can “release” their suppressed emotions, blocks and pain, thus gaining greater clarity through the process.

Straight up? We all need someone to “talk to” that will listen and understand them. We all need to experience a life where there is an “ebb and flow.”

“Safe and Protected” and “CONFIDENTIALITY” – many clients prefer to write rather than attend “in person” or Zoom sessions.

Many of you are able and willing to help others all the time…but find it very difficult to find the “safe space” to get help yourself.

Writing it out helps.

SESSION Process:

  1. Session registration
  2. You write/send your journalling, dreams, thoughts, feelings. Allow it to flow….
  3. I will respond within 48 hours with the healing guidance and sharing of what I receive for you and you will receive long distance healing.
  4. You write me back and I reply to complete session ONE. Depending upon the detail, depth of issue, immediate concerns completed or core issues requiring more time, will determine the number of sessions required for you to feel satisfied with personal resolution. Number of sessions with then vary from person to person.

** I have been asked if it is okay to send a “voice recording” instead of writing to me. The answer is YES. If you prefer to “speak” and share that way you can. I, however, will be writing you back. 🙂

The session costs are my standard fees. $150 per hour or a program of set sessions of 3 for $395


Register via Etransfer or PayPal:

Kathy Roseborough – Facilitator of Therapy Writing Consultations

Kathy is a Visionary, Educator of Esoteric Principles, Master Intuitive Energy Healer and Trainer with over 25 years experience.