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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – July 31st to August 6th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hang onto your hats..things are heating up!  21 days to Total Solar Eclipse and the Leo energy is roaring! Translates to what? The central heart of your Inner Being is calling you out into the Higher Consciousness of Love to purge out the lower characteristics of the heart centre which focuses on the “me” instead of the “I am”.   

Things of selfishness, shadows of illusion, distortions about yourself, self criticism and lack of self love…all need to go before the MIGHTY powers of the SUN which also rules during the Leo Constellation.  With the month of August starting an accelerated have no choice but to let go of those things that do not serve you to your Highest Good..and for the Good of All involved.  Take a look at yourself and be witness to the ego’s struggles…listen to voice within that only seeks to encourage and lift you up to be the best you can be!

With the SUN shining brilliantly upon you across the weeks of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and winter in the southern where the heart is still focused upon…all human beings are in a position of shifting out of the old paradigm of false heart expression.  North America especially will have an opportunity to embrace humanitarian efforts, make political and economic decisions that benefit more than just themselves..and all people will be looking collectively at how to look after the planet better to ensure a safe and long lasting future.

We will go into greater discussion in the weeks ahead…so for this week…start the ball rolling.  Look after yourself, your foundation, your home, securities and keep a strong focus on ensuring the very best for you and your family & loved ones.  Look after your HEALTH…especially heart and spine.

Explore the benefits of caring for yourself energetically…conserve the energy you take in by having longer periods of meditation and time spent in nature.  Practice the art of listening to Nature and holding silence…listen to the stars..the forests..the waters. They will tell you their stories too!

Listen intently to what your body needs and stop anything that is habitual that is negatively affecting your body.  Embrace those habits that strengthen and protect.  LEO loves to talk courage and develop heart to throat centre expression and use it wisely!  Great projects can be taken up and you can embrace being a leader to those around you who understands, listens and allows others to find their own inner truth.

Enjoy the week ahead..

In Light and in Peace,


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