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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 28th to September 3rd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

All sorts of energy reports from individuals sorting out and integrating the experiences from last Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse.  It has certainly impacted everyone’s lives and will continue to push the Spiritual influences upon us going forward. There will be no letting up now so you may as well jump on the Energy board and ride the surf of change!  This ride is spectacular..can be bumpy…but will smooth out at the fullest crest!  Once we find our own “groove” in alignment with this new paradigm of our lives…(no I’m not a hippie..LOL…luv those guys though) there will be plenty to celebrate, embrace, learn and grow from! 

The next leg of this journey post finding each of you this week trying to get used to the changes and examining still just what you were letting go of so that you can focus more on where you are going.  Old memories, review of repeating patterns and family life, soul groups and contacts you have are all a part of this resettling period.  You are working on having greater personal Mastership of just what it is you brought into this life that mobilizes your own Soul mandate being expressed as well as the deeper level of examining your Leadership in your family and Soul family.

Strength..and inner power…I am shown that this is sitting right on both your shoulders, your arms, chest, throat and increasingly strengthening neck leading to your head and crown.  All this power in the upper centres that is going to be amplified and is already beginning an integration with your Ego personality below in the receptors sites of your world here on earth.  You did it!  You opened up at Eclipse time to this portal of power through the heart…!  Now it’s showtime & flow time!   We must let this energy flow down and find its settling into the lower bodies.

Big news on the horizon….this flow from upper to lower…is spread out more specifically to the November 11th, 2017 shift where at that should be incrementally experiencing a deeper realization of your Inner power.  Each day forward..this is the primary focus…

Okay..reigning this back now…let’s not get ahead of ourselves….this week….you are to do your energy/meditative work.  Each day..and a little longer if you can.  Journal, explore your “segments”..your fragmented times.  Look at where you halted progress in various levels of emotional development, intellectual pursuit, spiritual, intuitive…and you are going to be going back and pick up these time lines.  Lots of work ahead?  yes…  this is just the start but boy oh boy..what a powerful integration time between now and November!  Start now please!  Examine these streams and you will see the reconnections to be made and you will thrive !  MORE POWER!  no disconnects in the power lines…(axiatonal meridians)

Enjoy the beginning of your development week of your “Real power” !

In Light and in Peace,


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