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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 1st to January 7th, 2018

Hi Everybody!  Happy New Year 2018 !

We start off this year with some powerful emotionally charged Energies as the Supermoon Jan 2nd (feeling it now!) in Cancer is fuelling your desires of the heart, home, relationships and family.  You will find that your thoughts turn to self nurturing, self love…reflections on Love and how your material body is feeling and what it needs.  Bam !  How’s that for an opener of 2018? 

Ruling you? only your Soul and the Universal All should be ruling you and that is a co-creative process of Love and ruling that is designed to bring out the very best in you.  So what will it be? You succumbing to your lower nature, sadness, pain and suffering?……or you realizing that there is something much greater, more powerful and loving that is right inside you that is opening the DOOR wide so that you can step into your Light and true nature of Self? 

The Supermoon is charged with particles of Higher Love consciousness from the constellation Cancer with a little help from friend and partner Capricorn….directing from all of these portals… super vibrant Energy… to your heart engaging your desires, passions, dreams and goals!

If you are experiencing a big nudge and urge to “get going” with things this year you can see why!  2018 is starting you off with a spark that touches the very core of your “human-spirit”.  We are designed inherently from our Creator…to experience Love here on Earth and to embrace just what that means.  You may be starting your year off with Self-Reflection, friendships, renewed interest in family goals, development of how love is expressed to yourself, home and natural resources which includes your finances, foods/storage, warmth, security and comfort.

The “nesting” energy this January week 2018 is quite different from the Spring in that it relates to the “bigger picture” of who you are. You are desiring to “nest” in the Love and security of Life! Your own Light!  Your own Expression of Universal Oneness!  That is truly coming “home” to Self.

This week you take stock of what you have and where you wish to get to.  Oh may be thinking that you start this way every year and nothing changes.  Really?  Okay understood..but you have a Supermoon, Super consciousness, accelerated Time Cycle working with you this year and the window of opportunity is wide open. Take a shot at it again..I know you won’t be disappointed because there is a special “Energy of Love” in the air right now.  This Love is bathing you and embracing you is from the Cosmic Consciousness and it is definitely touching you!

Enjoy this week…it is a very profound start to a new calendar year.  Give it a chance..don’t give up….focus all your Energy on your relationship with the Universal All !

In Light and in Peace,


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