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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 13th to July 19th, 2020

A week of transformations ahead!

Hi Everyone!

We often look for help from one another during times of unease and when unpredictable circumstances surround us…and this time is no different. Those in “leadership” positions globally are not strongly united to give people clarity on the future both near and far. What to do? You will look for that clarity and strength within yourself and co-create your own future based on the trustworthy, stable laws and the template of Life itself…and you won’t go wrong.

The future of humanity depends upon those who have either learned or are willing to learn to live by the natural Universal and planetary laws of life. These have been the “backbone” of life since the beginning of All things and will always be there to guide each of us into alignment for better health and living on this planet. Many of you have already started to live consciously this way and there are “eyes” opening all over the world that are finding that it is best to take up their own position of alignment themselves and to help their family and loved ones do the same. That’s how you change the world and feel at peace with the future!

The transformations that are occurring so quickly within you this week are leaving you with a very decisive stand of just what you will and will not tolerate in your life. The shifts both of late and to come…are also giving you ample opportunity to schedule and coordinate your plans, ideas and goals in ways that you only dreamed of in the past. You are actually “engaging” your plans into form and towards manifestation.’s happening.

How will you gain stride and clarity with this? As you put energy into these developments and transformations of your life this week…you will be quickly setting yourself UP onto your new platform of life…. and feel that new ground beneath your feet. You don’t need to always “leave” completely the tasks/projects/jobs you have been doing for years…but some of you may find you are ADDING or opening up to include these new expressions of Self. For others? Yes…absolutely you may be completely shutting a door and opening another in a very “matter of fact” way. Whatever way you “transition” from one phase or cycle to the next… the achieved goal is the same.

Settle into the week ahead with peace in your heart…not angst. While sitting in your quiet spot doing reflection, meditation and writing…you will find that you are peacefully including your self realizations and acknowledgements of your own unique style and personality…thus greater ease will come with this.

I can already see the smiles starting to appear on your faces and you feel that internal “wiggle of delight” and “warm heart flowing” with the acknowledgement that yes…you just need to ACKNOWLEDGE” yourself! Verify this all week! Affirm and re-affirm with yourself that you are accepting YOURSELF! Look how much energy and intelligence has gone into creating you by the Universe! Let’s use that intelligence now wisely!

This week ahead is not about you turning on CNN, CTV, Fox, etc..and wondering “what’s going to happen”…it’s about you making your own life happen and honouring just who you are and what your own Soul mandate is. If we all focus on that…guess what? The world changes with its own accord. Something OUT THERE…is not changing the world….Something IN YOU is changing the world. Let’s unite in strength together from within! We can create a positive, healthy world together!

What a week of transformation ahead! Enjoy it ! Honour you!

In Light and in Peace,


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