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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 20th to July 26th, 2020

New Moon in Cancer this week…Double the LOVE and Nurturing for YOU!

Hi Everyone! 

How can we not engage in conversation about the rather rare 2nd New Moon during the Cancer Constellation focal point this week without talking about your Heart, Breasts, Lungs, and Emotions!  That’s heard me correctly!  You are going to “Double UP” with the Love, Healing and Energy focus this week to these areas of your body and more….let’s walk the beach together and talk about your physical body and your LOVE towards it…shall we?  

You are going through an “extra wash and rinse” cycle with the Universal washing machine as our Beloved Mother is making sure you scrub behind the ears, take off those old clothes of repetition, clean out your closets and clean up your room… and get into your Sunday best! And yes…Father Universe is watching and smiling at you with understanding but backing up Mother as you “complain a fair bit” that it’s not fair!  It’s interrupting my busy time, you say.   Then there is always the old retort… “I’ve got better things to do with my life than this” routine that we usually find ourselves saying as “Children of the Great Light and Love of the Universe”.  What child doesn’t complain when they have to come in from play to have their bath time when everyone else…you think…doesn’t have to!  

The ENERGY this week is an amazing SCRUBBING clean time, wrapping oneself in a big BEACH or BATH towel and settling on down at the end of your day to review your life, assess just where you are going and ensuring that YOU are paying attention to the outpouring of Love from Creator as you dismiss the excuses you’ve used in the past and get on with the Blessings at hand.  This IS a beautiful week for a clean slate and a new routine, new journal, fresh set of clean clothes, new colours, new realizations of those things that are IMPORTANT to you while you toss away the repetitive games that you thought you were having “such a good time with”..only to find them somewhat empty and shallow. 

CLEAN?  You bet and do you need to double up on the Deep breathing practices, dietary changes, communication channels, LUNG freeing exercises, toxic body cleansing, and purity of thoughts?  YES, and DOUBLE yes!  Your Divine Parents are overseeing you and expect you to do your homework now.  The 2nd New MOON is a DOUBLE UP NEW MOON!

The New Moon in the Cancer Constellation is as always a NEW beginning in SOMETHING in your life that needs change and now we can turn this topic to everyone’s favourite…LOVE! Love is so important as it is a FIRST PRINCIPLE of Creation and cannot be ignored.  You must LOVE yourself so that you look after the gift of your life that your Universal Parents so painstakingly ensured your arrival here…next… you must LOVE nature and harmonize with Her as a Planetary body, and….drumroll please…when in this alignment of looking after and loving yourself and your environment…next…you ATTRACT through the Law of attraction…those who are magnetically in resonance with you through LOVE.  Whether singularly or plural…you will draw LOVE and experiences of LOVE to yourself.  That’s an expression of the Law of Magnetic Resonance. 

So…in closing…number one PRIORITY this week…is to give yourself a good energy wash during the New Moon with meditation and a chakra cleanse…Energy Bathing, and clearing your aura.  Next…get started on something NEW.  Yes..this week.  No excuses. 

Enjoy the week ahead.. 

In Light and in Peace, 


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