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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 27th to August 2nd, 2020

Courage, Protection and Love

Hi Everyone! 

Sitting in the Inner Temple this morning reflecting on the Spiritual energy influences from the Leo Constellation for the week ahead, and the most important and predominant guidance that came forward was for each of us to draw on our Courage to face our “inner and outer” challenges of life.  In support of that for you…comes the addition of one of the Greatest Principles of our unfolding and developing realization of Creation and that of course is LOVE. These 2 together can help you to not only face…but overcome with integrative understanding…some of the most difficult experiences you may have in this life. 

Now that I have reached my 60th birthday today, I am starting to now “spiritually mature” as my most Wise Teachers would lovingly say, and with that comes the reflective consciousness to be able to share with you the “energy Intelligences” that are influencing mankind to help awaken the masses and to also accelerate those who have positioned themselves to become the “conscious leaders” this world so sorely needs at this time.  Are you one of them? 

There are many individuals being called to wake up to their respective Soul mandates and to take the “reins” of the lead wagon of the convoy of many who are mobilizing to pioneer a new frontier of forward, innovative thinking and heart based communities of people.  

Of course…you say…you would LOVE to step up and step in…but you are personally having so many challenges of either health, emotional upheavals, economic unknowns, confusing or conflicting ideas on direction to take, or seemingly unsurmountable piles of “stuff” to do that are preventing you from getting to where you would LIKE to be!  

Yes…I hear you!  But you also… unbeknownst to you perhaps…have the VERY powerful forces of support in the Universe that will help you to get to where you need to go and that’s where the many shifts and changes of opportunity are opening up during the LEO constellation; the SIGN that currently mobilizes this united front and direction for mankind. 

Take heed and KNOW that this week is going to provide you with the “fuel” from the fire sign Leo and give you some propulsion to get going on the clearing up of your old “stuff” that you acknowledge and need to face as being in the way for you…PLUS…will be dissipating the VEILS of illusion, distortion and disharmony for you as well! 

What do YOU need to do this week?  PUSH forward with your mighty internal WILL and drive the team of MIND and LOVE towards claiming further your access to Soul mandate and purpose thus liberating yourself from the lower dross that can pull you down.  Shake off the emotional glue that you think will not permit you to bond with Self Love and Self Worth/Forgiveness. 

Enjoy this incredible SOLAR sign beginnings and look forward to more power of the Leo sign for mankind moving across the globe as our SUN transits though it’s Cosmic intelligence. 

In Light and in Peace,