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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 6th to July 12th, 2020

Show your “reverence and gratitude”…..your life is about to change!  

HI Everyone!  

Let’s get right to the point!  A “Presence of sublime Divinity, a Healing and an Enlightening experience” is engaging you this week that will be for some…. best realized through Nature and your meditation/reflective time…and for others…with a strong wake up call.  Why?  Because the Intelligence of our Creative Universe is so far beyond our perception that when these waves of well orchestrated experiences take place it is because it is known that mankind needs to stop “chattering” and doing the “blah blah blah” dialogue amongst each other and LISTEN carefully.  For those of you who are on your path…the guidance is BLUNT…get moving!  Make your plans and mobilize.  For others? stop your hamster wheel  running now! Seek guidance where necessary. Will it be supportive? You bet it will !! 

Why are we to STOP and sit quietly with our heads ready to be touched by the “hand of Nature; Creation and Love?” Because the seeds of Spring have now started to grow nicely and rather quickly too… and you are being graced with a warm, loving touch upon your head that gives you great comfort and assurance…whilst stirring in you something that is very difficult to describe.  The Presence within you recognizes your struggles, confusion, uncertainty and bewilderment of often wondering where to start…and it is this week that you will begin to truly KNOW. 

The image comes to mind of a youth (male or female) who is sitting on the stairs…staring out ahead wondering what to do with with their life…and a “Wise Old Master” comes and reaches out their hand of Love and Strength and says…“walk with me..Let me show you the way.” 

You see we often have so much passion, emotion, desire, and willingness… and we KNOW that we have much to offer…yet for some reason or another can’t seem to connect with what we are to DO in this life.  Can be so frustrating!  We see humanity has needs out in the world..we are creative and of good heart…yet find it hard to fit into anything that can work! 

What this week’s energy offers, now that the full moon of Capricorn / Cancer alignment is at our backs…is a very rich moment of KNOWING.  A wave of confidence and purposeful act will come over you and you will just say to yourself…I’m doing this.  This can be in whatever capacity is suited to your life.  Not everyone is going out to “save the world”…it starts with “save yourself”.  In other words…say YES to yourself.  You will be touched upon the top of your head and then you will LIFT your face to the SUN…to your Heart, Soul and Universe with affirmative stance! 

Can you feel the PUSH of the Capricorn Goat head-butting you at the back between your shoulder blades?  That’s the back of your HEART CENTRE and the contact point to the Will of Creation personalized to you.  Feel that..accept it and say..YES to your PATH opening.  It is time to walk with the sublime Divine “essence of Life” that will help you to unfold the Greater Mysteries that are to be found within you! 

So do you feel like you should take a moment, and bow your head briefly…preparing for the incoming Life forces of Divine Intelligence that shall grace your presence?  Certainly…then lift up your head to receive the “touch of awakening and direction” that you have been seeking. 

Enjoy the week ahead…May you find it warm to your heart…beyond words. 

In Light and in Peace,