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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 29th to July 5th, 2020

Walk to the “unknown” and you will start to remember!

Hi Everyone! 

I personally have been waiting for this week to start because I was shown for some time now that we will all have greater leverage for releasing the past and utilizing the gifts of the Solstice from 7 days ago in and around July 1st.  It takes always several days of processing and a transition period from the old to the new.  Did you find yourself faced with a lot of “shadows of illusion” over the past couple of weeks?  You likely did…and so here’s the bigger question.  Are you ready to walk away from negative interactions and repetitive unhealthy environments?  Are you ready to find out more about yourself? 

It’s “THE” week to walk towards your soul purpose and mandate and to go deeper into your own Truths; your path.  It’s time to study your life’s purpose and subject matter more so now than ever before.  It’s time to take your life to a more meaningful and satisfying level. 

The question…are you going to walk into the unknown?  Are you going to go where you know you want to head in life, but have been afraid to go so you chose to stay unchanged?

Let me share this with you….a very important and reassuring piece….you are not walking into the unknown.  You are walking into remembering why you are born,what your true gifts and purpose in life is AND what you have been “groomed for and preparing for all your life”.  That’s where you are walking.  The Creator doesn’t make any mistakes…you are who you are…by DESIGN. 

It’s not always easy of course…to make the focus of your life…YOU.  But this is what is necessary in order for this world to change.  We need to recognize that the “order of design” for the entire human race means that each unique piece; every human being makes up the entire design.  You have a responsibility to KNOW your own design and embrace it. 

People have a way of making up excuses….they often respond when asked if they are ready to “Know Thyself” and start to put focus and effort into themselves…”I’m so busy right now”.  I have to look after this and that…my life has so many demands and everyone needs me all the time.  I don’t have time.”   

What I would like to know…is when will you have time?   

If you are finding your day to day consisting of running from one task to the next…running along the surface as a “slave” to life… trying to get the “day” done with all energy put OUT into DOING for others and to look after your material duties/affairs/jobs of life….exhausted at the end of the day and little time for deeper reflection and study on your life….then you are “out of balance”.   That’s not living…that’s just being alive.  Totally different meaning.  Being alive only with cause frustration, anxiety, sadness, depression and raise all those issues of self worth.  “Living a conscious life” means that you are creatively engaged, joyfully surprised at all the different things you learn about yourself, more willing to extend yourself to others as you are content, healthier, stronger and peacefully balanced. this was a long-winded blog today…purposefully.  You see this is such an important “WEEKLY ENERGY SHIFT” that I just wanted to share to you the importance of life…”you!”.  Dig into your own life..your own true Divine constitution..and take time for yourself.  

Let’s not see another day, another week, month or year go by with you postponing and procrastinating and making excuses as to why you feel the “Universal Creator” is not worthy to acknowledge.  You are the emanation and manifestation of Creator…and you need to study yourself now; reflect and know who you are and why you are born.  You are a “son or daughter” of Creation…wow…!  Think about that for a moment please. The same Creator that made everything your see on Earth, all planets, stars, galaxies..universes..made YOU!  Why?  Scientists study the intelligence and purpose of all the species on Earth and beyond into the Solar system…and all the Creator is asking is if you would please study and reflect and KNOW Thyself.  Good time to start! 

Enjoy your week ahead! 

In Light and in Peace, 



My purpose of service in life:  to help people understand who they are and why they are born.  To help people learn how to live consciously and to help in shifting mankind to a healthier state.  To help in some way…to create a healthier planet.  🙂 

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