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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 2nd to March 8th, 2020

Answers will come to you from within; not from a computer!

HI Everyone!

We “google” everything! Our horoscope, to find out what’s going on “out there” in the world, to see what others are doing….but can you google what YOU are to do; to be? March is an interesting month leading up to Equinox (March 19/20) because it is going to challenge you to ASK those questions within your own self. How will you answer? What type of alignments will be made this week?

The Energy opportunities this week and the characteristics of the influences are all fairly straight forward….you are wondering, challenging and asking about what your life should look like. Many are uncertain if they are going the right direction, not yet seeing results and are not finding things “clicking” just yet inside of them as to how to transfer the VISION to the PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE life they walk. Others are trying to find the VISION! Be at peace…this is a normal start to March…we are swimming a bit in the Pisces “waters” of figuring out what is imagination, illusion, old paradigm, new story and amazing future goals. Sounds like a strange cocktail! It is…but it’s colourful!

To break it down…your 3 weeks to Equinox….take this week to apply the first step that includes a lot of cross-checking. Looking at your ideas of a plan…doing some reasonable, feasibility assessment with it….and then reflect on it creatively. What does it feel like? What does it trigger in you that is tricking you? old fears? insecurities? Okay then you need to clear those by challenging them. Where do they stem from? Are they truth or illusion?

Does your plan or even “idea” of a plan….also cause a synaptic feeling of joy and enlightenment? Passion and purpose? What does that feel like? Is it who you are? Does it make your heart sing at the thought of it? Okay then…now you are getting in touch more with the real TRUTH of who you are. We are to try to really get in TOUCH WITH OUR STORY this week.

You see we absolutely NEED to walk through the “watery” part of all of this…go wading through the waters up to the knees where the false beliefs are being stored. Yes…right in your knees that may tremble at the thought of actually feeling empowered to live a life of joy and personal soul purpose and alignment!

This is a good week for you to go “toe-to-toe” with the inner Self. Receiving from your HIGHER inner self for guidance and inspiration is your Truth. Challenging the false beliefs and emotional triggers in your lower inner self is a necessary part of the modification of your ego self. The ego is your vehicle so modify it; embrace it to your liking and use it for it’s Divine purpose.

Last thing…this week. If your “ego personality” is giving you a challenge with weight, procrastination, fears, physical weakness, illness or old story lines….”this is the week to start changing it”! If you need to engage a lifestyle of self love and nurturing; then do that. If you need to give yourself a push and get going; get past old story lines…well then this is the time!

Enjoy this week ahead…it will begin to stir the little potential BUDS of future fruits of your labours!

In Light and in Peace,



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