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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 27th to December 3rd, 2017

Hi Everyone !

Stillness, body awareness, Self-examination, analysis of your life..asking yourself many questions..right?  You can feel the power sitting there within you and around you..yet you are maybe not quite sure what to do with it.  It seems like it’s yours to use…but how to use it?

The uncertainty or unfamiliar state you are in is not unusual at is expected when we move from one major shift and cycle and enter into the new walking into a lost land that feels loving and yet the Mind has not quite “clicked into” the synapses that you know must be in place to make it very grounded. 

The energy this week is all about this new pattern of self..looking at things around you and within you…getting to know yourself.  Seeing things around you that you didn’t notice before?  Looking without “seeing” ?  These are the types of “gaps” that must now be filled in.  So let’s do that.

Anchoring this type of energy shift does take some practice.  It is best to draw the energy into yourself with the breath..focus on the body in meditation and visualization.  Start at the top of the head and work down to the feet; not the other way.

Don’t overload too only makes things more confusing and emotional upset can occur..such as spontaneous crying or anger..when in fact you are really asking for peace.

Peace is something that may need to be scheduled into your daily life.  Taking that time for the quiet periods where you can rest and reflect is good.  Then engaging in your activities to build your framework of creative expression, business, home and family or personal affairs has more enjoyment. After all you need to ENJOY your soul mandate and purpose..not look at it as a burden right?

So ease the pace this week..let things go forward with increments that are comfortable. Set up your routines, practices to suit your personal needs.

We have some hectic things coming up in December with holidays and celebrations…so this year be sure to prepare..starting now.  We start the 21 day preparation for Solstice this Friday and it is all about you!  Stability, detoxing, decluttering, purity of Self, ease and simplicity.

Okay..let’s enjoy the week ahead and keep a focus on how your body is responding to the new attention you are giving it..emotions and all !

In Light and in Peace,


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