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Weekly Energy Update – July 15th to July 21st, 2013

Hi Everyone !

This is a great week to spend time with your family, social circles, creative projects at home and some good ol’ fashion puttering around the garden, summer evenings watching the stars, and even out for some entertainment of music, dinner out or some live theatre!  It is a more playful week..right to, and inclusive of the weekend so make sure you include wholesome activities.  Keep it “light” this week with balance between your work/studies and play time.

You may feel inclined to do some creative projects, artistic changes or renovation around the home, go out with your family or loved ones and even nurture some friendships that may have been neglected.  Community, family and hearty conversation!  Make time for yourself this week to just “BE”…peaceful by a river or lake, park or forest would be nice.

If you enjoy meditation and journalling…great week to write.  The peace and stillness within that you keep will have a very positive impact on the human race as a whole. If each person would choose to align with these more passive energies this week it will balance the aggressive forces that perhaps others are stuck in.  Keep your exertion minimal and stresses low with a focus instead on care for your own physical health, emotional well being and the love you have in you being shared with those you love!

I would recommend that you take a moment this week to stop and really look at your partner, family, friends, and family pets even….look with your heart and your eyes..and you will see some very beautiful things about each one of them !  See through the “eyes of the Divine” and appreciate the Inner Beauty in each one of these very special Souls in your life.  Now look in the mirror…and really look at yourself..right into your eyes. you have had some ups and downs in life..absolutely…you are human!  Now look closely…smile at yourself.  Inside of those eyes..the Master within is telling you that “all will be well”…not to worry.  Feel the unity with the Master within.  Take a deep breath and know that the goodness in you is “REAL” !!

Enjoy this week…you deserve to have some good things happen to you !

In Light and in Peace,




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