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Weekly Energy Updates – April 15th to April 21st, 2013

Hi Everyone !

So much clearing over the past weekend as you experienced the influence of both the Moon and Jupiter in our midst.  This raised issues that are really core and likely made unstable a few of your emotional expectations.  Be at peace…you did well…you made realizations about yourself and will continue to do so for this week.  Energies up and down likely as you find your placement with new projects.  What types of feelings come up?  “Energy anticipations, nervousness, joy…but harnessed joy…awesome expectations..sprinkled with a little fear”.   Okay that’s awesome !

Watch your solar plexus energy…don’t forget to breathe deeply..and for heaven’s sake pace yourself !  The movements of your life should be gliding along through April but these rougher moments have to be taken care of right away.  You know the earth’s energy changes with seasons (whether northern or southern hemisphere) bringing you the qualities of the season…thus this too is important to relate to and act upon.  Whether cleaning up and changing for Spring or tucking away and preparing for winter in the southern are being urged by the call of Mother Nature herself.  She is so Intelligent and she delights in sharing her profound Wisdom and resources with you !

Be aware that you are to be logical about your home resources..including finances..etc…but do not move into fear of loss or lack.  There is little validity in these uncertainties…so just stay balanced and focused on keeping spending/saving in line. The RED energy of this month continues to grow underfoot..(root chakra) and you absolutely MUST be aware of just how important this Energy is.  Without a good foundation you cannot become spiritually infused and integrated.  So pay attention to the body, the home, the environment…even if that is a one room place that you live in..or huge acreage.  Your home is your home and your Body is a Temple !

All in all…you will be okay at the end of this energy week…wiser and stronger too ! Don’t forget to express Love & Light to your family and friends…they will need a “conscious boost too” !

In Light and in Peace,



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