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Weekly Energy Updates – April 1st to 7th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Saturn continues to “push” on your thoughts and leads you to those nagging issues, false beliefs and “thoughts in your head” that you just can’t seem to shake off about old relationships, problems in your life, worries, ideas that are not engaged and so on.  Why?  The intellectual YELLOW month of April is all about cleansing and purging out the old repetitive issues, routines and habits that circulate through you..going around and around until you finally lock on to them with your inner strength of Mind to cleanse, purge and transform them to positive thoughts and new directions.  These “loose” thoughts and unresolved issues are fragments..fragments and pieces of your life both now, past and even further back into past lives that have no particular “ending” or completion.  Knowledge and understanding has not yet been drawn from them therefore they sit waiting for you to do something about them.

What must now occur… is your attention to these matters as they are building up inside and if too many bombard you at once you get overwhelmed and don’t want to deal with anything  You will just “zone” out and hope that life changes. It does not happen like this…that is an illogical position to take when you are such a Divine and Powerful expression of Universal Divine Source !  What this week… and actually throughout this month of April… asks of you is to approach each one of these issues strategically and focus in on solving them one at a time.  It is kind of like going into the attic or basement or even your garage for that matter in the Spring and wondering, “Where do I start with this clean up job?” !  One section at a time, right? But when you put an item in a box at home to be taken out of the do have a plan on where it is going then, don’t you?  Either curbside, garage sale, church, Goodwill outlet..etc.  So there must be a follow-through to your clean up.

This is such an important time for us because we not only are cleaning house we are encouraged by our ideas and inspirations and drawing up plans of action during this month.  Many have already started to engage the dreams, plans and goals.  Even a framework beginning is a good start for the month so let’s get at it.  Building a sacred “home” takes time and your projects and goals are sacred.  They come from within you from LOVE…and the love of your own expression and work coincides with the LOVE of the Creator !  Now that is powerful !

So..let’s not get overwhelmed this week….instead let’s write up a list of those nagging projects in the physical to deal with…and those nagging thoughts in our heads that need to be faced.  All of this is important and you KNOW you will feel better because of it..don’t  you?  We always do !

In Light and in Peace,



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