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Weekly Energy Updates – April 22nd to April 28th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Starting your week with EARTH DAY…you get a growing sense of just how your own personal world needs to change and continuously be modified in order to return to the Divine alignment you seek from within.  By changing a little bit each day you will succeed in bringing Order to your own world and a greater sense of JOY accompanies these changes.

This week we focus ourselves on cleaning up loose ends, making sure projects get started and get well underway, and most importantly do HOLD a mental alignment with that which is good and of the greater Light.  Negativity and fear must not be entertained at all.  We have a FULL MOON this week and it will shake out the indecisiveness, doubts, and shadows that must be transformed.  Be ready and know that you are the MASTER…  be slave to no man, no desire, no appetite, no fear, no illusion, no injustice.

Be Master of your body, your emotions, your mind and in alignment with the Greater Will of the All.  Live with and through the Love in your Heart.  Live with your newly realized states of consciousness awakening within you and appreciate the changes that you are going through. These changes may feel strange and undoubtedly, still very unknown to you at present.  Have the LION of courage in your thoughts..meaning use your throat chakra for courage, strength and focus while your heart remains continually open to receive the Glory and Gifts that the Divine brings you !  You are open to receive and stay focused on your tasks. Extraordinary increments of Light anchoring is occurring in you!

Stay clear of drama and stories that take society and communities into lack of power and sad feelings.  Remain assured that you are an expression of the Divine All..therefore…all the powers in the Universe is there for your use…USE THEM !

Enjoy this beautiful week !

In Light and in Peace,



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