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Weekly Energy Updates – April 29th to May 5th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

“All systems go” for the week have had your time last week to extract plenty of old baggage and fragments of yourself as you experienced the full moon in Scorpio…now you can move forward and take the “trash to the curbside”..and in this can take it to the cosmic Fire.  That which you learned about yourself can now be replaced with a deep positive breath and some good feelings, thoughts and attitudes !  Okay?  So this week be sure to put your thoughts on all that is positive in your life rather than dwell on the ‘have not” side of the equation.  You have countless Blessings to reflect on including the fact that you have the liberty of being in a position in life think and reflect with such freedom !

This is a time when we should be giving thanks for what we have even if it seems much less than others materially.  You can add up the “richness” of your Inner self and appreciate your kindness, moral and ethical practices, due diligence, good manners, and pleasant face.  To steal a line from the banking commercial, “you are richer than you think”….I offer you that line in order for you to look at all the goodness there is around and within you.

Appreciate the Soul or Souls (plural) that live with you or near you.  They are all Divine in potential too!  Sure they make mistakes and sometimes upset the applecart in your life…but they have Love and Light too…they wish to have your love and acknowledgement too…sing praise to others while you enjoy your own song as well !  Let us hear you sing..sing creative and let your joy spread out to others across this week.  It is a good week..invest in activities that bring you closer to nature. Anywhere outside is a good place to start…Divine Mother nature misses having your feet upon her grass or her rocks, stones or beach.  Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



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