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Weekly Energy Updates – April 8th to 14th, 2013

Hi everyone !

Calculating your days ahead? Wondering what the best approach is? Well with the energy of the “Will” starting to surge through you..and the RED energy Ray of Divine Intelligence so present in our’s no wonder you are experiencing the profound desires to have power used effectively!  The energy this week is strong and causes you to make decisions both for now and for the future.  You expect and want want want support…etc.etc.  This is all due to the RED energy Ray.  Is this a bad thing?  No not at all! It is very good in fact and is exactly what changes home environment, communities, creates projects, makes sure things grow and of course promotes your own dreams, goals and desires.

This is not a passive time in general..but as with everything in the manifest Universe..balance is key and the passive time for you must be included in the mix. Take the PASSIVE part of this cycle to rest, regroup and reflect internally upon the directions you are taking.  Take the ACTIVE time of this cycle to engage, develop, research, explore and build.  Very good week; very good cycle.

The only opposition you can expect is from within you.  The shadows of the old EGO have to come up and try to attempt to thwart your plans and goals…this is normal.  So recognize when fear, anxiety, indecision, confusion all arises and know that it is up to you to use the method of self-love, personal discipline, understanding, trust and faith to move forward now with a realization of inner Leadership; the WILL.  The will of the Ego is aligning with the Will of the Soul ! Enjoy the week ahead !

In Light and in Peace,



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