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Weekly Energy Updates – August 11th to August 17th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

“Super” Super Full Moon last night that started impacting everyone over the last week and raised some challenges in many.  These emotional ups and downs needed some profound governing by your own mind using focus.  These energies are strong..even now…and are in need of governing so that they can be channelled into very good outlets of expression!  This continues all week and will be surging ahead with you right into the weekend.  The 17th will dawn differently though with glorious peace and expansion to give you some breathing space. Kind of like that incredible peace and golden sunshine after a rainstorm.

Stabilize yourself during this week by maintaining a schedule and an organized plan so that you don’t get pulled hither and yon in distractions. There are some very favourable influences that are so subtle you may just catch these out of the corner of your eye…like your Angels present…following you around!  Sometimes the presence of your Angels are to uplift your spirits and encourage joy, laughter, Light and peace!

Take this past weekend’s self realizations and insights into further reflection. They were very valuable to you.  Reflect on the bigger picture that may require you spanning your lifetime into memories to get accurate clarity.  You are to be looking for those repetitive patterns, habits and old paradigms that absolutely need restructuring now…during these summer months.  Once we get to about mid-September…it’s a whole new ball game and you would like to have a stable new framework underfoot for it.  This week asks you to look ahead at what you are doing in the September, October..timeline..etc.  Oh I still want to enjoy this time as you may be on holiday…..absolutely!  Just remember to jot a few reflections down on a pad of paper…get the engine warmed up at least !

Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace



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