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Weekly Energy Updates – August 26th to September 1st, 2013

HI Everyone !

This is a great week to now recover from last week’s emotional ups and downs.  The insights were good last week but it did take a toll on us!  This is a good week for exerting effort in planning and taking measurable steps towards the organization & application of these plans.  Don’t overload..just go step by step and enjoy the benefits of seeing things getting cleared up and organized well for September.

You have some summer left and will still want to have those quiet times and play times…(likely more quiet than play)…so take them when you can.  Look around your home and your family..your job..and see what needs to be done.  We have the re-creating forces still in good influence and the knowing that discipline and responsibility to task is in front of us.

Many are considering pairing up with another in relationship, bonding in friendships, goal setting with friends, or even agreeing in theory to future business plans.  It’s a good week to hold these discussions and make plans together.  (Even winter holiday plans..LOL !) You do recall that Spirit advised us all that what we are doing now is the foundation for our 2014 successes right?  Thus you will see this more and more right up until Equinox September 22nd.

Pace yourself this don’t need to rush into things or force yourself too should feel instead a natural inertia or inner force that is moving you along with the smooth energies offered.  Pay attention as there are some very subtle hints and symbols in your life that are giving you affirmative support !  We are truly becoming to know ourselves now, aren’t we?

In Light and in Peace,



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