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Weekly Energy Updates – August 5th to August 11th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

It has been 7 days now since the energy alignment with the extensive planetary influences of July 29th which gave us all quite a shift…shaking out some of the “sediment” within AND taking us to a new level of enlightenment!  How was your week past?

The New Moon influence already got underway a couple of days ago..but is in full swing August 6th.  Wait until about Thursday morning and then you can energize/start those new plans and ideas.  Planning today may still have some ups and downs to it.

The energy systems influencing us are all quite strong and steady…asking you to stay the course..navigate well and don’t go out into extremes.  The Universal Laws are in place for a reason and it is best that we each go over the basic “rules” of life often to check in and see if we are adhering to them.  For example…the diet, exercise, study time, connecting with nature, the stars, your meditation…and your PLAN.  So how is your PLAN coming along?  No..not just your business plan…I am referring to your spiritual plan..your journey and path working. Having a plan like this ensures you can truly navigate the pathways (plural) up the mountain to the capstone and find the essential permanent interface you seek while living your life here on earth.

The PLAN should include your emotional development, intellectual expansion, intuitive/creative outlets, your physical well being, and to round things up..your striving attention to the deeper reasons for your existence and Soul Purpose.   Whether you have an inkling or a solid know-how of your Soul Purpose…add to the PLAN this week…set some goals for the September time that you are well aware of where you are going.  It is not too early.  Be very supportive of your dreams and goals & attunement to the Soul’s purpose because the Universe is VERY supportive to you!  You point your feet in the right direction and the Divine Energy Intelligence’s that make up the manifest and un-manifest Universe will move you along!

Another great week…smile to content..and know that all is well…  Be peaceful within because you are doing the best you can in the face of some of your own challenges and life’s adversities.  Allow ideas to come…allow the Universal help….it is there for each of you!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Saturday, August 17th – participate in person or long distance (receive mP3 audio) at the Mystical Pathworking of the Chakras workshop I am presenting at the Cherry Valley Retreat Centre…here’s the link:


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