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Weekly Energy Updates – December 14th to December 20th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Countdown to Solstice! You have some marvelous opportunities this week to get into a clearer state of alignment to be able to receive consciously your solstice gifts of the season cycle! We had quite the week of “fire” going on last week and it looks like this week is not going to be much different either.

You are likely loving the “idea” of the transformations but not necessarily clear on just where this is all going to lead. Many of you are also having rather challenging times with the process of transformation especially where it is impacting the physical body. Your body is just reflecting the past paradigm and is equally eager to let go as well. Breathe with it; process with it and be rest assured that it does end up more radiant than it currently feels.

Those of you who are finding themselves more emotionally or mentally confused during these times…you can also be promised greater clarity and realizations to come as we move through the week and into Solstice next week. Purging and transforming is not always very straightforward!

Here is the MAIN POINT this week: You have started to engage in drawing back to yourself two things….1) old patterns that have not been completed and transformed have come around completely full circle to give you an opportunity AGAIN to correct. Be very WISE this time and don’t do the same thing as before. Be very defined and clear on just what will take you UP the spiritual ascension ladder this time.

2) You are going back in cycles many years in some cases…and you are drawing forward to yourself now…the chance to take action on an opportunity for personal, creative, professional and Spiritual expression. Pay attention. You have either turned it down before and it’s back…or…you are taking something you have already done and expanding upon it…lifting it up to higher levels of expression. Now this is a “wow!!!” situation you are in ! Recreating yourself at this new level of spiritual and integrated-ego expression will be quite the feat for you and there is no doubt that it will mean more responsibility, more “work”…but even more JOY !!! You are engaging in this energy now!

Piece by piece…bit by bit…you are developing a 2016 that is going to shine most radiantly ! So stay the course..keep your “nose clean” as the ol’ saying goes…. and go forward. Distractions? Face them and deal with them. You have no time for distractions in your are taking the energy this week and working it. Blessings! Enjoy ! Stay tuned next week for the Solstice Message from Spirit !

In Light and in Peace,

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