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Weekly Energy Updates – December 28th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

“Let’s keep up the momentum”…of personal, spiritual growth and change into the New Year 2016 !

This week you are under the new cycle of the Capricorn (goat) energy and will be drawn to start focusing and solidifying more of that which inspired you and fired you up during the previous Sagittarius cycle that completed at solstice time. The full moon during Christmas “shook out” the deep rooted issues you have been carrying that prevented you in many ways of a fuller expression of now you should be gaining greater clarity.

The answers to the questions, “Who am I and Why was I born?” are going to start shimmering inside your thoughts and your heart as we accelerate forward towards the New Year. Be sure to keep balanced this week with the diversity of care of your physical, emotional and mental/spiritual needs. We have some fairly advanced influences coming in from the major planetary body of Uranus (Active Father Principles expressed) combining with our Worthy Divine Mother Principles within striving to bring out a New Order in you; new framework and plans for the coming year.

If you are still struggling with some emotional sensitivities…talk them out..journal them as well. You will see that you are RESOLVING some very old patterns that have been habitual and likely quite annoying or upsetting to you. They are worthy of your attention so that they are not carried into the new year either. Stay calm…these realizations may have come to you more recently but they took many lifetimes to form. Be kind to yourself here and let them resolve with peace and love in mind.

Listen attentively to your loved ones, friends and family…they too are revealing their own healing needs and maybe you can give them a hand with that. Create the space and let them share. A cup of tea, a listening ear or a loving touch of the hand may be in order at this time.

The Capricorn influence would like to get organized and conscientious in the New Year and put into application the various ideas and inspirations you have. Create space and time for yourself as well…give yourself the opportunity to make some solid changes to your own foundation. You will wish to have both the material foundation assured while you aspire to loftier heights during your ascent up the path towards Spiritual integration. You CAN have both…it is something that can be scheduled and applied.

Finally this week…the change into the New Year 2016 should not be entered without some deep reflection and assessment on the past year. Your accomplishments and outstanding issues still to be resolved. Be spiritually conscious. Don’t let yourself slip into the trappings of the world of illusion at this time either…it’s not healthy. As your sacred Temple (body) prepares to serve you for another year…make sure you are aware of just what is necessary to keep it healthy and strong!

Many Blessings for the coming year 2016! I will devote a special blog post to this on January 1st, 2016.

In Light and in Peace,

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