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Weekly Energy Updates – December 7th to December 13th, 2015

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Hi Everyone!

Fire up ! That’s right…it is an incredible week of preparation for Solstice and for cleaning up the old “stuff”. There is magic in the air and strong Universal forces ‘pressing” on you to make changes. Can’t say enough about the changes you are making because you absolutely KNOW you are unable to stay the way you are in any of your misalignment. If you try; it hurts…that’s all there is to it…so don’t try.

Give yourself the freedom to be different…to go outside the box. You are not to just try to please others always, or to put everything ahead of yourself…Balance. Think and reflect on your own needs as well; think about what you need now in order to bring goodness to your life and your family. The better aligned you are the better you “all” are.

This “fire” energy is coming from the fire sign Sagittarius and its beloved ruling planet..Jupiter. The Will of the Soul is bigger than you…so surrender to it..for it reflects the real YOU! Permit your own Light to shine through. If you are not happy then look into why you are not happy and begin the initial changes. It may take a few weeks or months to complete the transformation..but you absolutely must decide. Decide who you are, what gives you the greatest harmony and good health…and what your life is all about. The Universal Divine Being invested a lot of ENERGY Intelligence into you for a reason…the reason is that you are an emanation of the Divine Being. With such love you are to express your own true Self.

2 weeks now until Solstice…the gifts of Solstice are always so precious and often very subtle. They always touch your heart. Are you open and ready to receive? Make space…let go of old false beliefs and emotional attachments about what this was..and that was… Be in the “now”. What speaks to you now..this week is all about helping your heart to sing out! If you need to speak to someone and share…then do that. Perhaps you need some time to reflect? Pencil yourself into your schedule…just for quiet time and reflection.

The fire power that is ON now…will continue throughout the month building in momentum! Let’s hear you roar..let’s hear the strength and power in your throat chakra that makes an affirmative positive statement about yourself. are a majestic Being! Details will come to you..steps to take will come to you with clarity more and more going forward. Engage the energy this week!

It’s getting hot in the Inner Temple…I had best gather this energy up now and apply it myself ! Okay…taking it to the World Healing Project to help spread Blessings and focused healing around the globe!

In Light and in Peace,


BOTTOM LINE…If you don’t like something in your life…change it. You have been given this precious life to live it in harmony with the All..with the Universal Love and Abundance of the All…decide that you are going to accept that once and for all!

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