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Weekly Energy Updates – January 11th to January 17th, 2016

Good Day to each of you!

With the New Moon at your backs…this is a good week (and particularly Jan 11th as a good day) to start your new projects and to roll up your sleeves and dig into your work. Some of you are going to be particularly focused on your own health and well being of a physical nature, while others are being creative with new work projects or spiritual plans. Whatever your focus is for these opening months of the year, be sure to engage and try to stay focused.

We have some very beautiful energies present that emanate from the Solar Heart of the “Cosmic consciousness” which everyone can “feel” when they tune in though may not completely understand. These are moments of profound reassurance for you..that “everything is going to be okay”. Trust this for when you are feeling anxious, upset, nervous or afraid, you just need to stop and breathe. Close your eyes and tune into the energy that is connecting in and through your heart chakra. That is the Cosmic Heart Centre energy that I am referring to. KNOW that it is there for you and is only building in strength !

There are times when we need to make choices that can cause unpleasantness to another. In other words…it is “tough love”. Choices that you must make in order to grow; and to “shake out” the old paradigm once and for all. You have to trust yourself on these things…so check within. Changes are absolutely in the works and you are adhering to them strictly. Abide by them and do what is right. Letting go, altering, modifying and ending certain experiences are necessary for expansion of Self and for the contribution to the greater good. You are truly acknowledging the forward progression and evolution of mankind. We will soon be feeling more and more of the Aquarius energy this month which is always very innovative and forward thinking. Capricorn right now is HOLDING THE LIGHT FOR YOU IN THE HEART! Enjoy this very “Christed Love” office of energy!

This week you will feel a lot of love…Love that you may not have known in your life for some time; if ever. Where is it coming may ask? From deep within the heart..emerging and pushing it’s way up through you. Some people are finding that it may be getting stuck here and there. Not to worry…you can call on help for this or seek some help from a healing. The heart is designed to flourish with love at this time; and all times. Let the blossoming come forth! A truly beautiful time and moment that this cycle brings!

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,

If you are in need of heart chakra may connect with a healing:

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