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Weekly Energy Updates – January 18th to January 24th, 2016

Hi everyone!

Okay..the full moon is not until the end of the week on January 23rd yet people are finding these underlying emotional experiences already confusing and requiring some sort of ORDER. Yes…it’s true. The new year 2016 has some fantastic, very strong qualities of MIND and creative tone to it that will prove to be very successful for you….yet people are still balancing themselves on the ice rink (frozen emotion).

The underlying fears and uncertainties that are rising up now are NORMAL & expected…and you could say that the power of your throat, will power, mind, and heart are forcing these uncertainties up and out so that you can integrate that energy into something more beautiful!

Have you not also noticed a very strange and amazing feeling of peace though as well? Almost as if you know that everything is going to be okay and that you are on the right track? It’s true…the Divine hand is present in you and IS calming your heart with reassurance. Sometimes when things get a little slippery and start to shake your foundation you call out (knowingly or unknowingly) and the Angelic Ones come to your aide. This would be one of those times when the unseen hands and the unseen forces of life, originating in Light and experienced with love…come through to you seemingly out of nowhere and help you. So…be trusting. That which is feeling tilting to you is actually correcting itself! Give it a chance and you will be on a level playing field soon.

So many wonderful stories are being told among friends, clients and colleagues about the new beginnings that people are embracing. People are getting excited about their own possibilities. Why? Because it is the truth. There are many, many portals of Light and paths to take available now for people..are you one of these people that are looking within now? Perhaps you should see the same opportunities that are in you..for they truly do exist. Reflect on your desires and rewrite your script, if necessary, making any modifications required. But do start. That foot still needs to be put down now to walk. So start testing the waters…breathing the air and taking in the Sun. The environment of consciousness you have created is welcoming you. Step forward now!

In Light and in Peace,

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