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Weekly Energy Updates – January 27th to February 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This January 30th our New Moon is a Super Moon !  I rather like that as it seems we are all receiving an added boost to our plans and directed soul mandate.  New moons are always about new beginnings and shifts in cycles where changes take place.  If you found yourself struggling in the first few weeks of January (which you likely did), then this is an added boost to you in support of another projection of your MIND towards the building of your foundation.  It is very good that we are getting this energy this week.  We all need to have help in the laying down of a solid foundation.

Your choices ahead should be made RELATIVE TO YOUR SOUL PURPOSE…meaning that nothing you choose should be outside of the bigger picture of your own mandate. This can be tough because we get distracted, tired of working so hard, and just want to have some fun.  Unfortunately this is NOT the time to lay back and just play without any attention to the Divine Plan.  If anything, this is the time when you keep up the efforts.  You can still take your time to be peaceful and relax intermittently throughout this period though in order to recharge and regroup.  It’s how you handle these next few weeks that is important.  No extremes..meaning not all work and no play; not all play and no work either.  okay?

Often we forget that you are incarnate on this earth with Soul partners and Soul families.  It has taken a great deal of Divine Planning to ensure this.  In some cases, you are talking about thousands and thousands of years of planning to get you to this threshold in time…year of manifestation 2014.  You do not wish to disengage from the Plan…you wish to thoroughly engage!  Take a look at the plans with your “spiritual energy partners/colleagues” very carefully and ask yourself….”why did we come together?  What is the plan?”  You will see unfolding in your mind some very big projects and personal mandates for each of you that will change the course of events for the human race.

That is why this is such an important time.  So please do pay attention to how special and gifted you are….and those you are involved with….according to Divine Plan.  The Universe is in ORDER…we are the ones that need to recognize this and stay on track !

New Moon…new doors, new beginnings….yet another chance to get things right…!!

In Light and in Peace,



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