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Weekly Energy Updates – July 22nd to July 29th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Wow!  what a week ahead of us starting today !  The Super Full Moon energy is with us today with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo…thus we are truly going deeply into our questions of Self to determine just what particular mandate we are to live in this lifetime that serves the greater good of mankind while nurturing ourselves and our families. You likely are feeling “ready to get going with the task at hand” !  So the internal fervor begins…

Unlike last week where you felt like you needed to stay more passive and just manage with the energies around you…this week urges you to pick up the pace and move forward with inspiration !  Move the energy around…and exert your Mind upon those areas of your life that need changing. Clearing and dedication to your projects are important as we are building towards the integration of the sacred GRAND SEXTILE (which includes the 2 Grand Trines) next Monday, July 29th.  No time to waste this week…you do wish to explore the meaning of these influences further.  With Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune leading the way for one Trine and Venus, Pluto and the Moon for the other….you can see that the waters of eternal life and purpose are exposing details to you about your own Life purpose.  The Saturn strength coupled with Jupiter’s WILL of the Soul, unleashes an energy surge from your crown down through Neptune (base of the skull) down your spine all the way to the root chakra for manifestation here on earth.  Talk about power!  You have to be ready to receive, make space and prepare your body, home and property (as applicable).  You need to move into the alignment with knowing that this shift is important and then being receptive to it.  Even if you are somewhat foggy with the details of your new directions in life unfolding as the summer will turn to autumn…the next several weeks to months are dependent upon your acceptance of this major shift. is very important to move into an awareness of this shift that is outside of the regular activities of your life.  Be open….It causes you to get glimpses, if not pictures, of the true story of your life from the Great Book of Life found in the Soul Planning.  When you move in upon this understanding of yourself you will grasp it in your MIND and not let will become the most important goal for you.

You are being guided and shown now the meaning of your LIFE and the role you play in the greater contribution to mankind.  Have within.

The Leo energy inspires leadership…so lead !  This is a great week which sets a strong tone for your life ahead. Enjoy this week and even getting started now is a true marker of success.  Whether you take a baby step or a giant one this is definitely in the RIGHT DIRECTION ! Live life consciously !

In Light and in Peace,


For this week only I am offering the long distant healing, clearing and configuration of your home/property, family energy and you too!….in order to interface with the Monday, July 29th event.  On that day I will be doing the grounding through specific invocations so that your person/family/home and property are intersecting through the nodal points as the axiatonal lines dictate.  To book this for yourself:

I need full name and DOB, address, family members list that are not only living there but those who do not live there as well, lineage (names of parents/grandparents both sides if possible both living and deceased), and many are even including their family pets names too!  Include those names of family that you wish to see receive this special healing.

(there will not be a pyramid crystal/fluorite provided for this particular healing session)



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