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Weekly Energy Updates – June 10th to June 16th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

While most turn their thoughts… during the upcoming summer days ahead..towards BBQ’s, boating, sunbathing and such, a MYSTIC turns their own thoughts towards utilizing the Summer energies to enhance and enrich their own lives & help others.  The Solar heart (and the change into the summer cycle) truly opens up your 4th chakra centre and in the case of this cycle, your energy is pressing upwards to the courageous throat chakra (5th) that needs to speak, create, share and expand now into a more conscious faculty from your core makeup.

Summer energies mean more Solar vital life force and the absorption of same.  Of course you can enjoy all the wonderful playful activities of summer..but don’t neglect your spiritual practice & studies or you will miss the golden opportunities and offerings that the Divine universe wishes to bring you!

This week is a prime example of all this as you continue to update yourself through action on those necessary changes to be made..for example:  the purging of your home/offices & old routines/habits.  Remember you REALLY do not wish to go back to your old ways, old habits, repetitive social activities, “same old; same old” nightly routines, etc.  This is your window of opportunity during the spring to summer switchover , when you EXPAND consciousness and get out into your new understanding of life. Discover living consciousness!   Review the age old questions, “Who are you?”, “Why were you born?”, “What is your soul purpose?”….and get about living these answers now !  Great energy to explore these answer fully !

Blessings to you for a fabulous week…keep an open perception that change is very good…letting go of the old is healthy and stepping into new challenges is empowering !

In Light and in Peace,


Summer Solstice event:  Mississauga, Ontario with Kathy Roseborough & David Hickey of Crystal Journey.  Friday, June 21st 7:30 p.m.

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