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Weekly Energy Updates – June 3rd to June 9th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Okay..a little rocky start you are having at the beginning (started over your weekend June 1 and 2)…but we will get some uplifting insights and clarity as we move into this week.  The waves/impulses that keep striking you are chisel-like and break off the old relationships and repetitive cycles that you keep enduring.  Are you tolerating? Trying to forget?  Best to face each and every at a time.  In other words..break it all down so that you can examine things more closely.  Where did this originate…what choices did I make…what consequences are occurring..and so on.   In fact, as you examine each piece of this you will find answers coming to you during the examination.  New Moon June 8th so know that the clearing will come throughout this week in order to have fresh starts next weekend.

The summer solstice is approx. 3 weeks away from now which is always a very heart warming time when you can lift up and enjoy the network of energy support around you that leads to an expanded sense of conscious awareness.  Leading up to that you are picking away at some old problems having resurfaced and receiving enlightenment on them.  Many have been plagued with strange emotional/physical health issues and need to know that they are not alone…the Spiritual levels of Masters and Ascended Ones is incredible..lots of support for you.  Do ask for guidance and stay very open to receive.

There is a need for each to achieve liberation from old habits, behaviours, attitudes, addictions, etc..that have hampered efforts to move forward with joy and full expression.  That is why asking for help with healing, sharing, exploring alternative methods, etc. are all possibilities and not to be ignored.  I have found that many clients are dealing with heart chakra issues and physical conditions.  Love is important to not only give; but to receive.  You do deserve this you on that note…the World Healing Project is increasing the energy healing from the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom.  There are subtle changes taking place and you are most welcome to receive. Just follow on twitter:  MindLoveWill or pick up on Facebook:  Kathy Roseborough    Either way you are welcome to receive the free healings – 2x per day !

In Light and in Peace,


Healing and better support for you this week…breathe deeply and know that you are going to have better days ahead.

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