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Weekly Energy Updates – May 13th to 19th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Station yourself!  This is the week when you are to gather strength and forge ahead..don’t let anything stop you now..the powers of RA …profound Male (pos+ polarity) energies of the Sun, are unleashed and towards the end of this week you will feel the effects of this.  The +POS Ra energy of the Solar influence (our sun and your heart chakra) means that the spiritual heart is going to get a good blast of awakening!  Are you ready to step into the Glory of your true Self?  There is no time for distraction and confusion…though if this does occur…be aware that you are just adjusting to the liberation of Self.

Spirit described this nicely as the “pause” a prisoner released from jail would take just after the shackles are off and he or she is told they are free to go…they are not sure exactly where to go for just a second…then it “clicks” in and OFF THEY GO !  You are the one who has imprisoned yourself to old false beliefs and illusions..thus you are “freeing” yourself this week and experiencing the enlightened state that comes from this.

For those who are engaging in their new direction at the beginning of the week…take heart in knowing that others around you may not be in the same alignment thus disharmony can ensue.  Give the days ahead a chance to settle in so that more and more people find their place of inner peace and alignment.

Finally….we speak of the “garden being sowed and seeds planted”….YES…absolutely at this time we are planting & enjoying the task!  Enjoy the input you receive from Spirit; the inspirations..and follow through on these….good ideas are coming down the Spiritual “pipes” !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  You did make it through that New Moon in Taurus from last was a good one! Really pulling out the old shadows of Self that would be in the way of the planting of the New!

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