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Weekly Energy Updates – May 27th to June 2nd, 2013

Hi Everyone !

We start this week with a wonderful influence from the planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, who are all gracing us with their presence and asking us to be open to transformation!

Mercury is the planet of communication, concrete data, logic, and intellect…ruled by Archangel Michael…you can see the need for your own life to conform to some sort of strategy now.. can you not?  PLANS…big PLANS…find your alignment with your bigger Soul plan and all will start to move “with” you in the Universe.  You are protected !  Watch out for those who are unfocused…you may find them confusing.

Venus is the planet that receives directive from the LOVE in your heart; ready and willing to create “Beauty” in your life. This influence sparks you to truly WANT to have “nice” things and to have an expression in your life; be it home or office…that reflects your creativity and your own Soul signature. Creative hand here with Venus..use your creativity wisely !

Jupiter is the expansive planet of your own Soul’s Will and the POWER of your Soul.  Have you harnessed this power?  How effective are you at being able to apply such power?  It is imperative that at this time of your life..this cycle does express your own Soul mandate.  Find out what you are GOOD at…and DO IT !  It will mean a very successful, happy and healthy life

This week we are being asked to truly stop procrastinating, stop living in the past, stop hoping for something !  Instead..make your life happen..and make it happen now !  Talk about a great influence for each of us this week !  Enjoy !

In Light and in Peace,



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