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Weekly Energy Updates – May 6th to 12th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

The energy this week is shifting your attention towards inner reflection on just who you are; and who you are not !  As each of us move up the paths of spiritual ascension, we find it challenging to conform to the old whilst integrating the new insights and enlightening experiences.  We would like to somehow juggle both but to our dismay that doesn’t seem to work. Believe me…it will not work…it is best to step right into your TRUE Self !

Authentication of Self and Self expression is to be noted here for the week…exercising the right to say “no” to those activities and engagements that no longer suit the newly blossomed Spiritual expression from within.  The mundane world activities and shadows of the past are to be understood and delegated to their place.  Choosing the new “life and Light” expressions of Self brings a total uplifting feeling and commitment to joy, good health and well being.

This week brings us a New Moon – Solar Eclipse in Taurus which truly pushes us into action…determination like the BULL of Taurus…. to manifest the changes in our lives on this earthly plane of existence.  DO make the changes…DO take action…and DO not fear change.  The “now or never” old saying can be definitely applicable here.  Dragging the old along…doesn’t work.

Let the Sun shine into your lives and enjoy the earth’s Love through participation in Nature.  Listen intently for the sounds of nature and the realization that it is truly a glorious time to be alive.  Make your life suitable to your particular Divine expression..let us see who you really are !   Enjoy a great transformational week!

In Light and in Peace,



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