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Weekly Energy Updates – November 14th to November 20th, 2016 – SUPER MOON!

Hi Everyone!

With a Super Full Moon like this one…today, November 14th, 2016, one can best treat this time cycle opportunity to purge & receive the Mother Divine Energy Intelligence.. as a gift from the Divine Creator!  How special is this? !!  You have likely already felt the days preceding to be ones of intense unfoldment of core challenges and a time for sorting out one’s emotions…this will continue all week.

You have likely also been experiencing the need to feel nurtured, the desire to spend some time in deep reflection, and I will also think that you have already started to tap into the incredible CREATIVE flow of energy from Universal source as well!  This too shall continue all week and then some !  So act on this.  YOU ARE LETTING GO of the old false beliefs this week like butter melting off a hot knife !  This is a “super” time for you!

Divine Mother’s Energy Intelligence and flow of Light and Love is so rich and embracing that it is being found in every nook and cranny of Life in and around you.  Take Nature for example…do you not feel the urge to just be in and around Her?  You may even take those extra few moments to really “look” at Nature this week rather than just seeing it with your eyes.  You will find aspects of Nature that you have never noticed before.  Take time and spend time with Nature.  If you can’t get outdoors much then bring some flowers, a plant to the office. Touch them.  Fuss over a indoor herb garden in your kitchen or just stand by a mature tree.

The Mother Energy is being stepped up all over the GLOBE!  You will see, feel, hear and KNOW Her now more than ever.  Your body is responding, your thought processes, your desire to be in the Heart centre with Life!  This is not a short term, paperback novel or movie scene…this is real folks!  The energy has shifted and you will feel it’s intensity all week until as you integrate it and it becomes a permanent shift to your DNA.  You will not go backwards..only forwards!

Your Inner eye, belly intuition, sensitivities and empathic gifts will all be increased and you will know that it is important to be aligned with a strong aura..always.  Be willing to do your Spiritual practices, energy work, meditation and Yoga…or whatever you do that keeps you aligned and feel the increasing synaptic connection between the physical and Spiritual worlds taking place.

Do your best to take some time to yourself this week to journal, relax, reflect… If you are unable to take any time to yourself during the day…then before bed it would be a good time to just turn your eyes towards the MOON…  Say your prayers, do your own invocations and feel gratitude.

A nice affirmation may be, “If it is Thy Will…May I become ONE with this beautiful Divine offering and take it into my heart, my Mind and my body. May I liberate myself now from the old pain and suffering and May I now reach untold heights of Spiritual realizations, Love, Good health and Joy…So mote it be”

In Light and in Peace,




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