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Weekly Energy Updates – November 23rd to November 29th, 2015

Hi everyone!

With the full moon approaching on Wednesday the 25th of November…I am certain you are aware of the pull and some push too that has already started.  It has a “heaviness” to it this full moon….so just be aware and then RISE ABOVE IT.  This means that what ever is your own personal issue and challenge…you focus on that and that alone.  Get to the root of this issue and resolve it now.  If it means simple or drastic changes…then make them.  Now is a particularly good time to clean shop!  Solstice is coming next month!

With Sagittarius energy in our midst and plenty of mental activity coming in from the “Gemini Twins”…your communication of your needs and your feelings remains strong.  The powerful effects of Jupiter through Sagittarius tells you that your Soul’s Will is the ONLY Will that matters…so it is best to abide and align with it!  You may notice those around you speaking more about their feelings and what is bothering them.  This is because they can’t hold it in anymore…nor should they.  These releases are amazing healing times…so please open your heart and mind and listen to the words of those close to you.

It is a time of helping each other and helping yourself…through LOVE…through ACTION.  If you have always wanted to do a particular thing or purchase something for yourself…don’t deny this anymore.  Take the action and let the Self-Love shift in you.  Even if at first it feels like old guilt and such comes up…let it.  Then face it and remember that you are a beautiful expression of Love of the Universe and let that love over ride the shadows of illusion!  Be kind to yourself; and others.  It is a very sensitive time for people…and a very incredible time for each of us to heal and to grow.

I’ll repeat that line from last paragraph…it is a VERY sensitive time for people and also a very powerful time for healing wounds.  Let’s be sure that we recognize this time in ourselves and others !  okay… My goodness we are so Blessed to be conscious of these energies…help others to understand them as well who may not be so conscious.  Share what you think is appropriate to their understanding!

Have a great healing week !

In Light and in Peace,


P.S.   I have started a GoFundMe for the World Healing Project..that is now entering it’s 7th year.  The goal and dream is to get FREE healing meditations and energy work into more people’s hands.  We are right now working with just over 1,400 people whose needs we strive to meet.  We would love to see hundreds….and then thousands…receive free healing.  First goals are children in need…helping parents to help their children.  Also with the holiday season approaching…helping people cope with grief, anxiety and depression.  Can be very disturbing for people and we can help!  Can you please help us?  We also welcome names of those you know who need help and tell us what they need.

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