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Weekly Energy Updates – November 30th to December 6th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Well we are officially entering the month of December this week and you will be wishing to turn your thoughts now to the SOLSTICE time.  Officially Solstice is at 11:49 p.m. EDT on Monday, December 21st, 2015 for Barrie, Ontario.  Here is a link to look up your own City/Country:

This gives you 21 days to get yourself prepared for one of the most auspicious times of spiritual celebration and solemn observation.  It is a time when you are being asked to go deep within yourself to seek and find TRUTH.  Many gifts are bestowed upon you at Winter Solstice.

Preparing starts now.  Clean yourself up!  Imagine you are preparing for a grand event in your home…what would you do to prepare?  Clean, be organized, set a time of start (your solstice meditation ritual, etc)…..well we are starting now to prepare:

  1.  Cleaning the internal self – deep breathing, nature walks, chakra healing, aura strengthening, assessing and reflecting and acting upon your old habits which need to be transformed, shifting to your personal schedule routines to reflect that which you truly seek inside.  Less time spent in low level environments (shopping malls, crowded roadways, stuffy buildings), less low level entertainment (t.v.’s OFF, advertising..OFF.
  2. Increasing time spent at Spiritual gatherings, workshops, meeting with friends and family for discussions of Like-Mind, quiet evenings studying and reflecting, lots of time when there is no noise from chatter, radios. etc.
  3. Eating foods and drinking liquids that bring a higher, more pure vibration to the cells of your body. Increasing water intake.
  4. Totally not feeling guilty about your lack of engagement with the “commercialized” expectations leading up to the holiday season.  Loving your time spent with creating gifts by hand or selecting something for another that truly means something to you.
  5. Simplifying your life and refusing to get overwhelmed.
  6. Studying the meaning ESOTERICALLY ….of Winter solstice.
  7. Taking your personal quiet time as a very sacred time.  This is when you can sit in your sanctum each day to develop and strengthen your connection to the Universal Divine within you.
  8. Know that you are a Divine emanation…preparing for a time of the year when extraordinary shifts in consciousness take place.  The Solstice gifts are for every human being…but few take the time to receive them.  Make a conscious decision that you are preparing for a time of receiving Divine Alignment & Spiritual gifts that will change your life!

This week is the 1st of 3…in preparation for Winter Solstice…(summer in the southern hemisphere).  No excuses…you owe this to yourself.  If there is something about your daily routine and life that is not sitting well with you…change it!

Stay posted on the daily healing (morning and night) that is Free healing – World Healing project.   Twitter:

I look forward to sharing your preparation time with you and supporting you !

In Light and in Peace,


Winter Solstice Celebration and World Peace Meditation being held Friday, December 18, 2015 – 6:30p.m.   Richmond Hill, Ontario at CATA.  David Hickey of Crystal Journey too!



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