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Weekly Energy Updates – October 20th to October 26th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Ready for a BIG shift in yourself?  You are probably not only ready….you have been tired of waiting as well!  This is a shift that will have an incredible impact on just how you live your life from now on…especially with what you will manifest in the Spring of 2015.  Watch for the period of October 23rd to November 18th to set the stage for how your 2015 will unfold starting around spring equinox.  This is your time of many, many renovations to yourself; your life.

We have a Solar Eclipse this week and it is occurring on Thursday, the 23rd of October targetting your heart centre (Sun), spiritually feminine energies including intuition and nurturing of Self (Moon) and some particular forces from Neptune, Jupiter and the Beloved Mother Earth herself.  You want to be FREE…liberated from all the illusions, nonsense and damage that the shadows of illusion have been binding you to for years; lifetimes really.  You have been witness to this in your own life and in the world.  People have had enough of the illusion, control and nonsense.  The Solar Eclipse energy this week is providing you the opportunity for liberation from the illusions. Radical change is taking place while you grasp in your hand the phantasms that have been controlling you and say “No more”.  You will be releasing a great deal of old paradigms this week.  Give the energy a chance to weave into your subtle bodies and your physical life. It may take up to the mid-November time frame for you to experience the results of this Solar Eclipse shift. One thing is for sure though…you will be taking your life very seriously this week and thinking very focused and powerfully about how you are not going to continue to live under oppression of old energies.  You will rise up and release yourself from the outdated way of living; permitting instead a more loving and fulfilling life.  You will get out of fear this Solar Eclipse week!!  The Solar forces will bring you right up into the reassuring love and heart of the Soul.  This path is ONE with the “God of your Heart” !!

The release and shift is incredible beginning the latter part of this week.  You are going to KNOW exactly what it is you face and see resistance in….and you will KNOW and REMOVE the blockages around the issues.  You will have the support and internal forces of the Universe to move forward in a positive manner.  The strength, will and direction is there for you.  Can you feel it inside of you?  That is real ! Let it build as you pull yourself up and into the heart and mindful direction of your Soul purpose!

Shadows need to be revealed…shadows need to be examined…shadows need to be released!  All of this because the powerful SUN will use the moon to cast it’s power upon the earth..upon you….to bring you & the world’s attention to what the shadows are in life.  Then the action begins!  You then have the opportunity to “Master” the shadows turning them into the Light of Truth; the Light of Love.

Powerful changes ahead…ride the bumps…feel the excitement that arises from the revelations of Self!  Enjoy basking in the sun as a result.  It’s like going on a bumpy car or plane ride then arriving at your destination….the sandy beach to lay or play in the sun with radiant delight !!  Ahhhh….nice arrival!

sun animated - energy

In Light and in Peace,




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