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Weekly Energy Updates – October 27th to November 2nd, 2014

Hi everyone!

Whirlwind changes in your life over the past few weeks no doubt !  The partial solar eclipse & New Moon from last Thursday has opened up many possibilities for each of you and has taken your baggage out of your hands…you know..the heavy suitcases of old karma carryover that you have been burdened with.  Those bags have been taken from you and now with this feeling of “lightness” and perhaps a little uncertainty…you go forward!  What does freedom feel like for you?  It likely does bring a little confusion because you have been so used to repetitive patterns of the same old; same old..that you are not quite sure what to do with this liberation of Self!  Well here’s the good news…it is up to you now to co-design and co-create from this new space you find yourself in. Amazing!

Along this theme, you now find yourself with a very special spot from inside of you, radiantly shining outwards looking for manifestation.  You are to reflect on your gifts..your talents..your Divinely invested assets in yourself and acknowledge them.  The next step is to take some action.  This week is a re-shuffling week of sorts.  You need to re-organize your schedule, framework and course of action..because what you are doing over the next 2 to 3 weeks will DICTATE THE EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE IN SPRING, 2015.  This is very important to note…so I will repeat…be aware of what you are co-creating this week…because it will be the platform of your spring, 2015 successes..okay? Perfect !

So roll up your sleeves..identify what’s in and what’s out…and take some action. If you are to understand yourself more clearly…take a step back and look at the bigger purpose..the big picture of yourself. This will have emphasis on what is really IMPORTANT in your life.  Take a strong stance in your principles..adhere to Universal Law…slough off the riff-raff energy of wasting time, money and any distraction from your precious dedication to your enlightened path…and get on with the most beautiful soul mandate at hand !

Do your meditations, yoga, walking, hiking, singing, toning, affirmations, good cooking, removal of toxins, additions of positive energy in any form and add LOVE to your life….all this?  Sure…pick something from the list and get at it!  Enjoy your week have started a new cycle after the most powerful New Moon & Solar eclipse…we have had in a long time.  This cleared out so many old emotions so that the Sun’s Light could pierce you deeply with arrows of love!  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



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