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Weekly Energy Updates – September 16th to September 22nd, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Well?  Are you finding the “disharmony” or “harmony” energy this day?  The weekend past..and into this week ahead…you are likely challenged by some very unsettling streams of energy racing through your day while you are also enjoying and experiencing some lovely streams !  What do you do with these 2 very different bands ?  Be aware of the existence of both and with a shift in your thought, breath and realization you will be able to stay in alignment with the energies that are positive and strong. They will increase in positive power!

This is the week leading up to the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere (while those in the south enjoy the Spring Equinox).  Sunday, the 22nd of September marks the shift…yet already you are being asked to do some very strong clearing, shifting, make choices, let go and live consciously.  The body is under stress as you move all that energy into this powerful alignment thus the need for rest, good food, lots of water, appropriate exercise and your supplements are all in order.  Pace yourself.

I have to tell you that your WILL and MIND both need to be very strong this week…you need to make some decisions and stick with them.  READ yourself clearly and know that you are to move forward with your soul purpose.  There is such JOY in all of this as you let go of habits, routines and attitudes that just don’t serve.  Remember that there are many around you that will struggle with this…so have patience.  They may be quite moody and emotional !

When in your alignment this week through yoga, meditation or your own unique style of Divine alignment, be aware that the power of the energy fields has increased exponentially through this alignment and you will feel like the Angels and Masters have totally surrounded you…well they are !  You are being lifted up in your own Merkabah (emotional/intellectual/intuitive) and placed in position with your Solar Merkabah (Soul mandate, purpose, self realized state).  It sure will help you to get clarity on subjects/experiences that you are faced with.

Find your contribution to this world using the Divine gifts you were born with and spread this out into the human consciousness fearlessly.  Know that you are to trust yourself now.  The fruits of this labour may or may not be seen until 2014 but it is important that you set the direction that you are to go.  Strong pillars (axiatonal alignments) are being set up now..please do take advantage and accept the offerings of this most generous cosmic time cycle….the WINDOW is open now…and will close for this cycle on the 25th of September.

Cycles come and go..passing through.. bringing their own particular strengths, gifts and opportunities.  This happens to be an incredible Christed consciousness/new beginning which takes you into alignment with your Solar Merkabah soul purpose.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay strong…recognize the illusions and don’t let what you see out there bring you down or throw you off.  You are the Light of the world !  You are investing energy into the shadows of illusion so that you and others will grow in illumination.  We all thank you for being who you are !

In Light and in Peace,



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