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Weekly Energy Updates – September 23rd to September 29th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Well we had so much to deal with through the Harvest Full Moon of last week and the Equinox of Sunday, that today I am sure you just wanted to put your feet up and have a rest!  However, the fact is, that we just need to stay the course as each of your energy bodies…right down to the physical…gets used to the new changes.  It always is 3 days before Equinox and 3 days after that we need to be aware of.  The preparation and the aftermath. It now will take you until Wednesday when the window of this cycle then closes, until you really find things starting to sink in.  Clarity and direction will get better and better as the week goes.

Continuous effort and energy placed into your own Soul mandate and plan is still running strong…as you don’t let go of that which needs to be done.  If you are studying…keep studying…if you are writing/creating….then keep writing/creating…and so get the message on this one.  This will build and as you adhere to rules, laws, discipline and action balanced with receptive passivity…you will see measurable results.  Our containers (Holy Chalice) is being groomed and created thus readying itself more and more for the incoming Soul energy.  We have started a Spiritual Union at this special Equinox time and you are establishing a more concrete (grounded) and expansive expression between Spirit and Matter.  You will see considerable changes taking place around you and it is a good time to be very discerning about just what you choose whilst seeing the various levels of consciousness that people are at during this time.  Keep graceful and humble…yet strong and aware of just what is going on around you.

One more special thing that each of you should know…you are Divine in origin…this is clearly established in our minds and hearts….right?  Okay…so given that you have accepted this as Truth….do you not think that you have the capacity to attract that which you need to you in order to continue to grow and thrive?  The Great Mother (as source of resources for you upon Earth and her loving & plentiful heart) will be delighted to help you to find your continued expression of Self…and help you in very surprising ways!  So many have been “waiting” for good things to come and “good” direction….well with your own heart energetically opening and feeling balanced to both give and receive, you permit the Great Mother to help you.  don’t block off the help with feelings of low self worth…remember who you are and why you are born.  That in itself should unlock this permanently and help you to move forward …getting at the business at hand. If you believe you are Divine in Origin..then you do also believe that you are worthy of Divine Mother’s help!

Just say “Thank you Divine Mother!”  and look after the Earth as She will look after you !

In Light and in Peace,


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