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Weekly Energy Updates – September 30th to October 6th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

okay..we are in a New Moon energy this week and starting tomorrow (October 1st) you have the 3 day period of preparation and then, on the day AFTER the New Moon (October 5th), it would be good for you to start projects/routines and you will be in alignment with the intentions you are putting out all week.

As we have such MINDFUL energies influencing us this week, it is important that you are aware of your THOUGHTS.  Make sure you do not criticize yourself or others and strive to be tolerant of situations around you that are out of your control. Maybe we are not aware of what another is going through…so be mindful of this.  You know the old story…”walk a mile in my shoes”….so let’s sit back and be more objective of others and their own situations.  I am seeing strife and hurt in people…as they process through their own localized situations (family, relationships, or lack thereof)

This is not to say you can’t speak about the joyful experiences YOU are having…certainly share them as it may be just what another needs to hear for encouragement and inspiration….be sure you lift the other person up in supportive dialogue too!  When we encourage each other…it is a win-win situation.  It is nice for people to experience breakthroughs and believe me they are in the making right now as we speak.  Remember I suggested that you pay a little bit more attention to Mother Earth?  Remember that Mother Earth is the PROVIDER of the material things that you need…so you had best be good to her!  What do you think your money, homes, clothes, food, cars..etc are made of?

Finally…when it comes to your mindful practice this week…and in the practice of “watching your thoughts”….be sure to have a better understanding of just what you are asking for from the Universe.  Be sure you really need and want what you are asking will get these things you ask for.  It is best then to say, “If it is Thy Will..may I have….this and that”.  In that manner of speaking you are in the greatest alignment with the All and you are creating in the circle of Love for the Greater Good of All involved.

In Light and in Peace,


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