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Weekly Energy Updates – September 9th to September 15th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Whew…what a challenging post-New moon days we all had (from Tuesday the 5th to this week) as you kept..or tried to keep…a balance going through the shedding of old issues that sometimes just won’t transform as quickly as we would like, and the progression of new directives/new projects underway.  It’s like having one foot in the new camp and one foot in the old stuck in some mud.  Just pull your foot out and leave the old boot !  You are supposed to be wearing your new boots for your new foundation very soon anyway !

The guidance from the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom is that the bridging you are experiencing will ultimately give power to your throat chakra and the old lower tendencies will clean off more and more along the way.  The important thing is this:  INTENTION.. Have a  firm intention on your path with the Mind set on focus and evolving plans.  That in itself has already jumped you to a measurable 95% towards your success.  You would be surprised what INTENTION and WILL does…it places a focus of your MIND and you know the old saying, “Energy follows thought”.  This means that clearly you are choosing to work your soul mandate plans now during the appointed cycle the wraps up on the Equinox which is the 22nd of September.

No pressure…but It is worth my repeating several times just how important this cycle is to you.  It lays the very foundation for your success in the 2014 time cycle.  What you do now is vitally important to what you will be doing next year.  okay?

As an added bonus…the Spiritual Healing energy Rays coming out of the Solar Logos heart during this week’s energy cycle is FUSCIA….a rich blend of vibrant shades of pink/red/violet.  Talk about grounding your power !   Enjoy.

In Light and in Peace,



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