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Weekly Energy Updates – Winter Solstice – December 21st to December 27th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

With both winter solstice today and the full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day…you can see we are all in for one amazing week! The week opens with the gifts of winter solstice, when the movement of the earth places us at it’s most distal position from the sun in our northern hemisphere. This is a cycle when you are to spend time in deep, reflective thought as you review your past quadrant (September Equinox to now) and assess your life in both it’s strengths and weaknesses that are to still be worked out. You reflect on your physical health, your emotional state, mental, inspirations, goals, dreams, “oneness” to the Bosom of the All and your own Spiritual mandate.

This special day asks that you recognize the importance of spending time alone…going within…and honour your inherent Divine birthright; birthplace. Feel the consciousness of the original birth within you and know that it is truly your Source of all things. Be reborn this day in your heart and feel the Love of the Office of the Christ Consciousness that is reaching in and touching you. This energy lifts you up! It redeems you and helps you to overcome obstacles, fears and challenges. It gives you courage and strength to go forward in life with renewed assurance. You truly KNOW what it means to be a Child of “God”; “Creator”!

You start to remember things..more and more..about your True Self…and your find yourself able to discern more easily what is aligning you & what is distracting you from this unification of Soul to self. Clarity shall unfold more this day and the days to follow as you begin to “see the Light of Truth” emerge!

People should be embracing this sacred time now and moving away from the cold and disheartening infatuation with material things alone…instead by the week’s end in the full moon of Cancer on Christmas day, December 25th…you will find yourself desiring to embrace that which is important…LOVE ! Family, friends, neighbours, the man or woman on the street..the children in foreign lands, the elderly, the sick and the unknown. You will find yourself wanting to be in appreciate the stars in the sky and the Glories of Life. That is what this shift will do for you…make things REAL.

The whole week is about becoming more “real”…closer to Truth and further distancing from those things in life that are temporary only. Make lasting memories this week and bestow kindness upon others..recognize the Soul behind the eyes…invest time and energy in becoming that which you truly are; a Divine Being. No more wasting time with frivolous matters when there is so much “Living” to do !

Enjoy this Blessed and Sacred week…spend plenty of time in a quiet and reflective state as we head into the cycle of winter. A time when Nature draws you in to Herself and the Blessed Divine Mother Earth protects you in her arms to rest and reflect on the deeper mysteries of Life.
Go about your works days ahead through this time at a comfortable pace..organized that you are now from Equinox time (hopefully! or do a little more of this)..and making sure it is one step at a time.

Aligning with the dictates of Universal/Natural Laws during this time will make all the difference in the world to you. Try to go against it and you attract folly. Alignment supports and embraces you…facilitating great changes to your life and new beginnings.

Solstice time….a time to RE-SET your heart centre into greater alignment and oneness with the Blessed Christ Consciousness of Love within you!

In Light and in Peace,

Merry Christmas..Happy Holidays..Cosmic Blessings to all on this Winter Solstice Day !

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