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What Do you want your Future to Look like?

Energy Follows Thought….Let’s Think about Co-Creating our Future Together

We all have an imagination and as human beings we have all been invested by the Universe with a MIND. We all have “heart” and we can collectively co-create a healthy, happy future that not only WE can enjoy, but future generations as well.

You may be thinking about what type of future your children and grandchildren will have. Well you not only have a right to THINK about it… have the power within you to “Begin to Co-Create It” !! Let’s be real now…Let’s remember our inherent powers and use them correctly.

Join in PARENTS….Let’s create the New Paradigm for our Children & Our Future!
  • A Healthy Planet without human obstructions that disturb Her Natural flow of resources. The EARTH can recover but we must get out of Her way where necessary, AND support all positive initiatives now. Mother Earth is a VAST system of Intelligence and Order and we must LEARN her Laws and OBEY them.
  • Global Laws must be developed and SET in place to protect the Planet’s Eco-systems, underground water tables, rivers and lakes in order for every man, woman and child to have access to fresh water.
  • Mandatory compliance by all Governments and Corporations to restrict overuse and extraction of all natural resources, abide by the Laws of Conservation, and support initiatives for renewable Energy sources.
  • Clean AIR – we have ONE atmosphere that we all need to breathe from. It is imperative that we STOP the destruction of the Earth’s LUNGS – Our forests. It is especially important to HALT the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest. Our oxygen is our Life…Our breath.
  • Agricultural changes – Immediate STOP to all use of pesticides, poisons and toxins in the growing process of our food. An immediate STOP to GMO seeds and farming. A return to ORGANIC farming full scale.
  • STOP feeding our children PROCESSED foods. STOP luring them with attractive advertising that suggests the food is healthy.
  • STOP encouraging alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs with images of acceptance on television, social media and posters.
  • Every COUNTRY in our World; All people must begin to behave responsibly and learn to be CUSTODIANS of this beautiful planet. Conservation and Preservation of this planet’s natural systems MUST be at the TOP of every human beings list. Education at an early age and continuing into adulthood with advertising and promotion set out into the world on a continuous basis.
Let’s be real….MOTHER NATURE is healthy & normal; not technology…. and our children have a right to experience it

Educational Books, Initiatives, Projects, Material, Videos, Pictures, and Instructions for Global Change are welcome. Contact The World Healing Project at: