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World Healing Academy Teachers

KATHY ROSEBOROUGH, Director & Founder of the World Healing Academy

Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Author of Etheric Healing manuals and Educator of Esoteric Principles with over 25 years experience in the holistic field. Development as a World Healer and being an advanced student of the Greater Mysteries has been a golden thread in her life since childhood. Now as an innovative leader, researcher and evolving visionary, who’s expertise in mystical and spiritual path work continues, Kathy’s greatest passion is in helping the global consciousness shift to a moral and ethical level of consciousness where each human being can thrive through love and good values and environmentally responsible practices. We all need to think about the conservation and preservation of our planet and by healing yourself, you are healing the world.

Kathy is a major contributing author of the World Healing Academy Library – the World’s Largest and Only online energy research healing library helping you to find solutions to your health issues by exploring and enlightening you in the underlying emotions, false beliefs, origin and suggested healing practices.

Kathy began developing Energy Healing programs in 1998. She writes her programs directly from the Inner Temple and has expanded into sharing the many Greater Mystery School teachings with her students.  Kathy strives to bring out the very best in each of her students through her guidance and counsel.  You will find her programs both informative and “spiritually uplifting” as she intuitively streams her guided meditations to accompany her lectures and discourses.

PATRICIA DENNIS is an Intuitive Counsellor, Medical Intuitive and Instructor of Energetic and Vibration Healing. Patricia’s home base is Edmonton, Alberta and she provides private sessions and group classes both in Edmonton as well as distance study options for private and group learning. 

Patricia has studied for many years with Kathy Roseborough, Director and Founder of the World Healing Academy provides instruction in Chakra Foundations, the 4 Day Intuitive Healing Course, the Introduction to Tree of Life and Journey into the Akashic Records.  Patricia is constantly expanding her course base to offer study options to her students. 

Patricia is also a Licensed Facilitator for the Teachings of Siddha Master Dr. Baskaran Pillai and a Trainer for O & O Academy.  Patricia is a medical intuitive that can assess your energetic structure and provide a remedial course of vibrations to bring the body to balance.   You can contact Patricia at: or visit her website at to inquire more about all of her classes and services.