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Healthy Children, Our Future

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Meditations Classes, Proper Breathing programs,  ART therapy 

Yoga/Art/Meditation programs to help your child heal and grow 

Every child deserves a chance to develop their emotional self, express through their creative, right brain and to access the Inner world of healing and Soul awareness so that they may be calm and self assured of their placement here on earth …and their future!  Many children find it difficult to learn to coordinate the BREATH with awareness of their physical bodies.  Training can help immensely and is so important; is the FIRST step to healing!    It is our intention to grow the funding for children and families in need!

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Kathy Roseborough, Director


World Healing Project/Academy is pleased to present 3 beautiful children’s books by Sarah Kraftchuk, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Educator specializing in Children!  Her intention is to support little ones in cultivating the skills of mindfulness including self-regulation and an orientation to experience that which embraces kindness, curiosity, compassion and non-judgment.  Readers practice expressing their feelings, discovering the love inside of themselves and spreading love out into the world with their natural presence.   These books are a practical, interactive and fun resource for parents, educators and yoga practitioners to support self-regulation, personal and social development.

Sarah was inspired to make books for children to playfully explore the interconnection of body and mind. 

These books are best suited for children from kindergarten to Grade 3.

Love To Be Me! – $18.95 plus shipping

Our body is our vehicle to experience life in wonder! Through our bodies and our senses we interact with the world around us.  Love To Be Me! teaches us to honour our uniqueness, and express our love for who we are, in this moment.  Making the world a kinder place starts with being kind to yourself.

I AM. Magical Me! – $18.95 plus shipping

I Am. Magical Me! celebrates the magic that is inside each and every one of us. Connect mindfully and authentically to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and explore who you are, in this moment. I Am. Magical Me! invites readers to enjoy this journey of self-discovery, and to always remember that the magic is inside you !  
The Hue In You – $18.95 plus shipping
The Hue In You is a story about a star in the universe who feels alone in the dark. Hue takes us with him on a journey to explore the radiant beauty all around him. Soon he realizes that the light he admires so much is also within himself.